Box of 4 Apat na Traydor Hot Sauce

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MATA HARI Traydor Hot Sauce 200ml

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DAMASO Traydor Hot Sauce

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BRUTUS Traydor Hot Sauce 200ml

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JUDAS Traydor Hot Sauce 200ml

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Traydor Hot Sauce

Traydor Hot Sauce
Proprietors: Toogy Clavecilla, JC Medina

As lovers of all things spicy, we noticed a dearth of options in the market for local hot sauces that go beyond the conventional flavors. Chili aficionados need excitement and adventure in their tongues; and we decided to, well, spice it up.

With our entrepreneurial and culinary backgrounds, we began formulating recipes which we road tested with friends and family. The support we received from our kitchen experiments came as a surprise, just like the way the heat in our sauces spiked our tongues unexpectedly. We never saw it coming; hence, Traydor Hot Sauce was born.

Our sauces are produced in small batches, because we use fresh, all-natural ingredients, with no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Named after famous traitors, our four variants – Judas, Brutus, Damaso, and Mata Hari – infuse ingredients like rum, mangoes, pineapples, lemongrass, and coconut water, making the tastes distinctly Pinoy.

At the heart of the explosion of flavors is the locally-grown siling labuyo, the special burn being what makes Traydor Hot Sauce just what its name implies. It is meant to deceive you. The taste will creep into your tongue, charm your buds with its sweetness, linger in your mouth before giving you a lethal kick that stings.

The fun part is gastronomic adventure waiting in every meal laced with Traydor Hot Sauce. Drizzle it on roasts, barbecues, pizza, fried rice, or go up a notch and experiment with hot honey spiked cheese, ice cream, and even cold tea! Explore the flavorful depths of our hot sauces and dare to defy its treacherous heat.