Instant Cacao de Castilla - 150 grams


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    Heavenly munchies of cassava and taro are light and healthy foods that turned Ricardo A. Buban also known as Ricah into a full-fledged entrepreneur providing livelihood to many people i...


Locally sourced and Naturally Grown Products
Get your natural pinoy chocolate taste!

Health Benefits of Cacao
- Lowers LDL Cholesterol and Glucose levels
- Improves insulin resistance and glucose metabolism
- Improving elasticity of blood vessels
- Maintains healthy circulatory system
- Reduces high-fat diet-induced obesity
- Relieves from bronchial Asthma
- Maintains healthy brain

Drink Ricah's Cacao de Castila today and feel the difference!

Cacao, Skimmed Milk, Sugar

Serving Suggestions:
One (1) Teaspoonful per 8oz. hot water

Product of the Philippines
From Castilla,Sorsogon