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Indulge with the finest all-natural ORYSPA Rice Bran products that reveal centurist-old secret for unparallel Asian beauty made from 100% natural rice bran and rice bran oil. ORYSPA captures the timeless beauty rituals that work to guarantee an ageless bliss for today's woman. ORYSPA is the #1 maker of rice bran based health & beauty products in the Philippines. With the first and finest rice bran based spa products in the country, you can bring the spa experience into your homes today.


PERTUA is a dynamic and innovative company established in 1988 to provide a scientific breakthrough in lubrication technology which offers numerous significant economic benefits and advantages.Its flagship invention , Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment is patented both in the U.S and in the Philippines. In the year 2000, more than a decade later, PERTUA’s portfolio of lubricant products continuous to evolve to meet the needs of the customers and distributors thus APEX EXELLO & other Pertua derivative products were born. PERTUA therefore, has spent more than two decades developing a global reach, with millions of satisfied customers and both in the USA and Philppines. With its long established distribution method of retail and industrial marketing, PERTUA was able to penetrate not only the geographical borders of the Philippines, but also braved to market the product in the United States. While the company’s global presence continues to grow, PERTUA is actively localizing companies in various markets to meet the growing demand in the different parts of the globe. VISION By 2040, a world-renowned Filipino company in the automotive industry. MISSION To ensure the peak performance of machine through patented technology for our customers. VALUES Passion -We do our work with deep benevolence and care Excellence -We do ordinary things extraordinarily Revolutionary -We innovate for the betterment of society Teamwork -We are united in producing the best results Unique -We believe in the uniqueness of our products and its proven edge over others Accountability -We take full responsibility of our actions and the quality of our products

Philippine Native E-Tailer Co.

Foodsource PH is a platform for Filipino food brands to grow from local to global. We strive for quality and innovation as it is what we can offer to the rest of the world. We've curated our selection to only offer products that has the "masarap" factor that we can proudly share. We believe that Filipino products deserve to be shared with the rest of the world and we're paving the way to do just that. Contact us at: Facebook: @foodsourceph Instagram: @foodsourceph Email: [email protected] Website:

Plush and Play

Plush and Play is a social enterprise born in Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, highlighting the undervalued sewing skills of the mothers to create proudly Filipino toys inspired by Filipino icons to delight the young and old alike in the Philippines and in the world, as well as provide a sustainable livelihood to families in the countryside. Plush and Play envisions to be the leading Filipino global toy company, inspiring generations of young heroes and nation-builders, and contributing to the ultimate goal of Gawad Kalinga; to end poverty in the country for five (5) million families by the year 2024. By melding the cretive genius of the poor together with the passion of young social entrepreneurs, Plush and Play creates proudly Filipino world class products, restoring our people's dignity and promoting children's right to play, one stitch at a time.

Reyes Pickle Gourmet

Now that consumers are getting aware of eating healthy foods, organically and naturally grown products are becoming more popular. Consumers want it fresh or processed without the use of any preservatives. Reyes Pickle Gourmet make it easy for the consumers and within their reach to have it in their dining table. We supply Pickled Papaya (Atsara), Pickled Ampalaya and other pickled vegetables prepared in the traditional way like what our grandparents did using only natural ingredients.

Ricah's Big Bites Food Products

Ricah's Big Bites Food Products Success Story Heavenly munchies of cassava and taro are light and healthy foods that turned Ricardo A. Buban also known as Ricah into a full-fledged entrepreneur providing livelihood to many people in the community. He named his business Ricah Big Bites Food Product and was formally launched in 2014 in Sorsogon with the help of DTI-CARP Specialist Lea Mapagdalita who directed the Skills Training on Food Processing. The business started producing cassava and taro chips with a modest capital of Php 385.00. Customers loved the unique native tidbits which encouraged Mr.Buban to develop more local products. This time added turmeric, ginger and lemon grass as healthy and natural alternatives to artificial drinks. To further improve the product, Ricah attended more training on packaging and labelling, as well as benchmarking and selling mission =, sponsored by DTI-CARP. They also participated in the Kasanggayahan Provincial Trade Fair in Sorsogon. Thereafter, local buyers got a better grasp of what the business is about. It chimed with small enterprises in Cumadcad, Castilla, Sorsogon, where its display center is located. After 2 years, the business introduced more tasty food products that became instant hit to the clients. Food delights like achara (pickles), tablea (cacao), rice coffee and cacao powder were among the crowd favorites during Orgullo Kan Bicol Regional Fair in SM Megamall under DTI-CARP booth. In 2017, Mr.Buban, successfully completed the 12 sessions of KMME, earning him acclaim as proficient mentee. He was subsequently invited as a resource speaker/ trainer on food processing as well as packaging and labelling colloquium around Bicol region. Moreover,Ricah actively participated in numerous exhibits such as the International Food Expo (IFEX) in World Trade Center, Pasay City, OKB Regional Trade Fair in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, and Business Trade Mission at Kuala Lumpur. From various competitions, Ricah garnered awards like Bishop Francisco Gaiza Trade Fair Winner: Trendiest Packaging, Kasanggayahan Trade Fair Winner: Best MSME Booth, Higos Bikol Trade Fair Winner: Best Dressed Booth, and SIKAT PINOY Trade Fair Winner: Most Innovative Product. In 2017, Ricah applied for Halal Certification. Ricah is already certified by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and with FDA-LTO Registration and has applied for Certification of Product Registration (CPR). The business was also acknowledged at World Class Philippines 2018 as Innovative Organic Food Products Provider, and became a Katha Awards Nominee for Best New Products, ending with the 2nd and 3rd ranks. Lately, Ricah took home the award in Quest for Most Innovative Pili Products Winner and Best Appetizer and Condiments, and Most Innovative Pili Products held in Sorsogon City on June 27, 2018. Now, Ricah has 27 variants supplied to some mallls and pasalubong centers from Bicol to Manila area and is envisioned to seize more markets in the future. Ricah's success is attributed to its dedicated workforce comprised of students, housewives and farmer-beneficiaries of CARP. The business remains a social enterprise, concerned not only with profit but also the welfare of the people behind its success.

RK Trading and Services

RK Trading and Services is a Philippine-based food manufacturing company located in Zamboanga City. It positions itself as a manufacturer of homemade gourmet food products including its three flagship brands: Pepinillos, Dona Christina, Keith & Kat

San Jacinto Sardines

San Jacinto Spanish Sardines made from fresh omega-rich tamban, prepared and bottled from the source- San Jacinto,Island of Ticao., Province of Masbate. Where the harvest is bountiful and the sea is pristine and unpolluted. San Jacinto Spanish Style Sardines is nutrient-rich and has absolutely no preservatives. It is very affordable yet only the finest corn oil and choicest spices are added to compliment the milky taste of Tamban. Enjoy it with a steaming bowl of rice, hot pandesal or your favorite pasta. MUY DELICIOSA !!

Santiago Craft Brewery and Malthouse

Santiago Craft Brewery is a Craft Beer Brewery based in the mountains of Antipolo. We started brewing since 2013 but was mainly involved in the supply and production for the main ingredient of Beer, Malts. For more information regarding our beers, visit our official website

Saret Organic Farmville

Saret Organic Farmville is a Filipino social and inclusive agribusiness. We farm and create packaged organic products. We practice fair trade and work with poor upland farmers and indigenous tribes in Luzon. For more information, visit our website at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @saretorganicfarmville.


Philippine Seawealth Food Inc. is a running business of Toscano Family from the City of Navotas since 1985. The business started by the loving mother of the family Mrs. Elizabeth Toscano by repacking food products and selling it around Metro Manila. Later in 1991, she discovered a unique teriyaki-style taste in seafood like squid and anchovies where she came up the idea of branding it her delicious products “Seakid”. Our business is successful in manufacturing and marketing the dainty Crispy Anchovies and Squids in Teriyaki Style nationwide and export. The company is licensed by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Sanitary Permit and the Municipal’s Office. We are also allied with the well-known food organizations in the Philippines such as Philippine Food Exporters (PHILFOODEX) and Integrated Food Manufacturer’s Association of the Philippines for Productivity (INFOMAPP) and Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT). With God’s grace, we are now 30 years and counting, our industry are continually successful in making high-quality seafood snacks or appetizer with a vision to be well-known worldwide and a mission to serve its clients, employ more Filipino workers and give pride to Philippine products. Philippine SeaWealth Food Inc., a company dedicated in manufacturing only high quality seafood snack products in terms of the raw materials input ,ingredients, physical appearance, packaging and taste through innovative techniques, time and our trademark recipes for the satisfaction and delight of our customers in both local and export market. We also offer Commercialized quality of Sweet Dilis (Anchovies) and Sweet Pusit (Squid) for very affordable prices. And Dried Seafood Products such as Dried Dilis (Anchovies) , Dried Squid, Tuyo , Alamang, Sapsap, and danggit.

SiKLO Pilipinas

Makers of upcycled tire and inner tube bags for eco-ethical lifestyle.

Snoe Beauty

It all started in 2010. From joining bazaars and opening mall kiosks, Snoe Beauty have now grown into a business with branches nationwide. With over 300 beauty products, all are Filipino made and clinically tested to suit your beauty needs. Snoe's Mission: Snoe will reflect the diverse trends of its consumers as a leader in the local cosmetics industry through innovative and provocative beauty products. As a represented Filipino Brand, we will establish ourselves as a global beauty brand through its commitment to beauty, youth and innovation. We at Snoe will dedicate ourselves in understanding the value of health and beauty and we passionately pursue to serve our consumers daily beauty needs. We will continue to create new products to exceed customer expectations through our devotion.

Sotto's Delicacies

Fresh from Zamboanga, Sotto Delicacies offer these assortment of Sampaloc products for the Pinoy Market. A pack full of sampaloc goodness! Suitable for sharing with your family, friends and colleagues. You can in a case and have it delivered at your doorstep. Also, you can buy and sell this product which could be a great source of income.

Sta. Barbara Gourmet

Sta. Barbara Gourmet is born out of the desire to promote the bounteous aquaculture and agriculture produce of Pangasinan. Being sandwiched by Dagupan, the home of the world's tastiest milkfish Bonuan Bangus and Urdaneta, the vegetable basket of Pangasinan, the freshness of our ingredients is highly guaranteed. This strategic location and the hand-reach sources provided the backdrop for our company. The products were not the result of handed-down traditional recipes and cooking method but of long and meticulous study, as to taste and unique processing technique. Thus the bottled products are guaranteed of no artificial preservatives, no additives and no MSG yet captures the exquisite natural taste, flavor, and aroma with no aftertaste (for Chanos products). A rich and healthy choice for you and your family! Our flagship products are Chanos Filipinas™️ Classic spineless milkfish in olive oil and Chanos Filipinas™️ Premium spineless milkfish in olive oil. These premium products are trademarked by Sta. Barbara Gourmet and widely considered as one of Pangasinan's best. Other bottled products include the original recipe Gommoso sun-dried squid in Muscovado Caramel Sauce and Zili Authentic Chili Sauce (Local Siling Labuyo). We have also frozen product, the Bangus Fish Roll (Lumpia) all prepared with no MSG and a lot of love. We also have made-to-order specialty bread, all original recipes—Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Cheese Cake, Oatmeal Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes—guaranteed freshly baked goodness. For every purchase of any of our products, you support the sustainability of Pangasinan's produce and the livelihood in our community. Let's patronize Filipinas-made products, support Shopinas! Sta. Barbara Gourmet was granted License-To-Operate (LTO) by the Philippines Food and Drug Administration.

STEEP Coffee Bags

The STEEP® Coffee Bags were created to conveniently brew coffee without the machine. All you need is hot water in your favorite mug! STEEP® Coffee Bags uses biodegradable cornsilk coffee bags™ and are individually wrapped to make brewing a cup of coffee possible everywhere while preserving its freshness and quality. All you need is an 8 ounce cup of hot water and choice of blended coffee bag.


Get ready for a bright morning waiting for you! Start your day with Sunrise Corn Coffee. The hearty coffee drink that is 100% caffeine-free which boosts your immune system and help you lose those excess body weight. An all natural drink giving you a flavor some corn coffee taste that is good for your health. When you are watching your caffeine intake, this will be a great kitchen staple. You can take it at home or at the office. You've got yourself your cup of joe without the caffeine.

Super Tuyo

Super Tuyo product was a brainchild recipe of Mr. Gilberto Tongo, chef and owner of Tongo’s Catering Services. Late 1990s, Mr. Tongo started deboning tuyo (dried herring) and makes its signature chili garlic sauce. Originally shipped to Filipino relatives in UAE where frying tuyo is strictly prohibited because of its unusual smell among locals. In 2010, Mr. Tongo tried to include the recipe in one of his catering functions in ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. (Star Cinema) where his son Gilberto Tongo Jr. is employed. Soon enough employees begin ordering the tuyo chili garlic recipe; placed in a microwavable container, it was called Super Tuyo. Super Tuyo initial market position proximate to "showbiz" celebrities and personalities made it a big hit. Word of mouth and social media put its awareness up high turning into sales. Angel Locsin and Director Olivia Lamasan even made the product their Christmas giveaway last December 2011, growing its reach overwhelmingly. This break saw the transformation of Super Tuyo to a bottled product. In 2012, Mr. Tongo’s son, Gilberto Tongo Jr. took over the business. With a starting capital of Php 20,000, Super Tuyo then was placed in a new 8 oz. bottle jar and has three variants: Famous Spicy (formerly, chili garlic), Sweet and Spicy, and Original. The younger Tongo believed in the importance of building awareness of the product. As a result, he aggressively joins various bazaars last 2012 holiday season such as Global Pinoy in Rockwell, La Feria in Ayala Triangle, Friday Market in ABS-CBN, up until 2nd quarter of 2013 at Heatwave Summer Bazaar in World Trade Center, and Celebrity Bazaar in Megatrade Hall. As a result, the product slowly built its niche among bazaar crowd. Three new product lines were also introduced in 2013: The Secret Sauce (March 2013), Super Tuyo-Flakes (June 2013), and Super Friends (Pusit, Labahita, Dilis, Danggit, Dulong in July 2013). Last September 8, 2013, one year after the younger Tongo acquired the “Super Tuyo” business; Tongo’s Foods launched the newest and improved look of Super Tuyo. With the tagline, “best-tasting tuyo”, this move culminates a year of awareness promotion and market research done by Mr. Tongo Jr. In April 2014, a more of everything version of Super Tuyo - The Super Tuyo Gourmet was introduced to cater the "Olive Oil" market of the product. And last May 30, 2014 Super Tuyo was awarded the “Best Quality Pinoy Dried Herring Brand” and conferred the “Seal of Product Quality” by Q Asia Quality Excellence Awards. As the demand for convenience packaging increases especially to our Overseas Filipinos, the company launched a new product packaging in plastic stand-up pouch and called it SUPER TUYO PACK. Celebrating its 3rd year anniversary, Super Tuyo launched three new variants and product line. First, the new variants of Super Tuyo - Mild Spicy & Extra Hot. Second is the Supersized Tuyo - the Super Tuyo Jumbo in 16oz bottle. Lastly, the Super Tuyo Recipe Pack in Olive oil - a ready to cook pack good for pasta (1/2 kg) and other recipes.

Susmaryosep Chili Sauces

SUSMARYOSEP CHILI SAUCES Susmaryosep is a "one of a kind" chili sauce in the world, not created for everyone but for courageous only. For this chili sauce, only fresh and natural chili has been blended to quality ingredients. Susmaryosep chili sauce has a unique character, distinctive aroma and deliciously hot perfect taste. Susmaryosep Revelation The sauce reveals its true character as soon as it gets in the mouth. The piquancy acts as soon as it arrives in the mouth. In a short span of time, it diminishes to a tolerable degree. It's a complete fire breather of a dish. It adds deliciousness to almost anything to any food or meal. Proudly Philippine Born Chili Sauce. Cooked , Pasteurized and Safe. Flavorful and SignatureTaste. Thick Texture. All- Natural And Fresh Ingredients. No Added Preservatives. No MSG. No Artificial Colourants. Gluten Free. Non- GMO.

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan

Our Vision "A sustainable and economically viable social enterprise providing continuous holistic development to persons with disability and an organization that adheres to the protection and rehabilitation of the environment." Our Mission Strengthen the social enterprise thru viable economic activities without compromising the core thrust of empowering persons with disability and care for the environment. Our Core Values Excellence and Commitment Transparency and Integrity Respect and God centered Morally and socially responsible The Founder Sr. Ma. Paula Valeriana Baerts, ICM. A Belgian nun who belonged to the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In 1965, she was sent in the Philippines and assigned in the Philippine Orthopedic Center. During her service in the hospital, she saw the miserable plight of the disabled that brought about her eagerness to improve their lives. Later did she realize that it was her real mission in life. Sr. Valeriana was so touched by the pathetic lives of the severely physically disabled who are mostly abandoned by their kins in the National Orthopedic Hospital. With the help of the civic minded citizens, she started putting up sheltered workshops patterned after the Cheshire Homes of the United Kingdom. In a span of five years, ten half-way homes have been established; Sinagtala for Boys the first to be built in 1965 second was the Sinagtala for Girls and in 1968, the Bahay Kakayahan was built, later on many workshops were established by the organization. The Guiding Way In 1972, Sr. Valeriana attended the World Rehabilitation Congress in Sidney where she met Mr. Lionel Watts, the founder of the House with No Steps in Australia, which is a vocational training for the disabled in Sidney, Australia. She encouraged Mr. Watts to visit the Philippines. The Realization Project proposals were sent to different funding agencies and finally the Belgian Government heeded the call for the center. It funded 75% of the building construction. The archdiocese of Manila allowed the lease of 4.2 hectare lot in Cainta and in February 21, 1973. Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. was established. The architectural structure of the building was in consonance with the requirement of the Belgian government and the Filipino reality making it accessible, a model haven for wheelchair users.


Innovatronix Inc. (ix) established itself as one of the most diversified companies in the Philippines, becoming a household name known for its excellence and continuous improvement, that operates the following businesses: - Designs and manufactures Tronix consumer off-the-shelf electronic products, electronic display boards, and photography-related equipment. - Offers Engineering Services on design & fabrication of custom-made systems and engineering contracting. - Operates the Tronix Imaging Center, a network of digital photo- studio/imaging centers, which are strategically located in shopping malls and commercial centers nationwide. - Delivers shrimp goodness thru Shrimpylicious, the first-ever food kiosk serving shrimp dishes in the Philippines, scattered throughout the major malls in the metro.