Shopinas Stores

Kayumanggi Organic

Kayumanggi Organic aspires to be the most inspiring provider of natural food products in the Philippines, made accessible to rich and poor alike. We enable Filipino families by making healthy food accessible and by increasing their health awareness through dietary education.

Kenzo and Kloe's Nature Farm

OUR VISION: We envision a sustainable food system for the future generations by practicing back to basics farming with Mother Nature as our teacher and guide… OUR MISSION: “Kenzo and Kloe’s Nature Farm is an advocate of natural and chemical free farming which strives and thrives to cultivate, produce and utilize God’s gift of abundant produce and crops unharmed and untouched by any harmful chemicals or pesticides through partnering with gourmet restaurants, wellness stores and eventually reaching the tables of our valued health and wellness conscious consumers who deserve safe, high quality and healthy food. OUR ADVOCACY: “The farm’s main advocacy is to build a dynamic connection between community, nature and education by: Developing and producing safe, naturally grown, pesticide and chemical free locally grown foods Introducing and educating conventional farmers to convert to natural farming Providing employment to local farmers and housewives within Region IV Advocating a sustainable, health and affordable food system Serving as a community based educational resource center Providing an avenue for engaging, hands-on natural farming experience especially to the youth and the urban dwellers. OUR CORE VALUES: SUSTAINABILITY: We are able to produce what we need and give back to nature be replenished as natural as possible. PRODUCTIVITY: Market the safest, high quality and chemical free fresh and dried produce to diverse clientele. COMMUNITY: A place for people to learn, recharge and unwind with Nature. LEARNING: Moments filled with experiences and memories filled with insights about the world around us. SERVICE: A helping hand for people who yearn to know more about producing healthy and naturally grown food and production. ABUNDANCE: As the farm takes care of producing food and resources, nature takes care of providing abundantly for the people and community. ABOUT OUR FARM: Kenzo and Kloe’s Nature Farm is a 5-hectare land located in the secluded barangay of Morong, Sariaya, Quezon. As it is nestled among the lush fields, the farm is just a stone’s throw away from the hidden Gibanga River with the panoramic and captivating view of the Mystical Mount Banahaw. The farm is solely owned and operated by the Engr. Lorenz and Kristine Cortez, both city dwellers who were captivated with the farm’s location and potential as a future retirement business. Armed with just their determination and dream, sometime in 2012 the couple acquired the land and their dream of having a farm then came into a reality. The name of the farm was coined from their children “Kenzo and Kloe”. THE FARM’S ORGANIZATIONAL CHART: PRESIDENT: Engr. Lorenz Cortez FARM MANAGER: Kristine Cortez AGRICULTURIST: Mr. Jojo Reantazo OUR TEAM: FARM OPERATIONS TEAM: 7 MAINTENANCE TEAM: 7 POST HARVEST TEAM: 8


#SaveTheSandSaveTheBeach Lagu is the world’s first beach-friendly beach blanket that is proudly made in the Philippines. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu repels sand, allowing you to lay with ease while also conserving the beach. Its unique linen blend is allergen-free and has quick-dry properties, keeping it fresh for repeated use. Friendly to both you and the beach, Lagu is the only beach blanket you’ll need for your life on the sands. This same functional philosophy is applied to the new Lagu Summer Collection, stylishly beach-friendly apparel and footwear designed to keep up with the beach lifestyle while still ensuring that beachlovers still get to save the sand and the beach. The Lagu Story Every year, millions of people take trips to beach destinations around the world for fun and relaxation with family and friends. However, with each passing year, shorelines at these beaches are inching ever closer to the foot of resorts. While global climate change and rapid development are the obvious culprits, another less apparent factor plays just as big a role in sand depletion – tourists. A university study estimates that every tourist unintentionally displaces at least three handfuls of sand per day. Along with climate change and over-development, the rate of natural sand replenishment in beaches simply cannot keep up. Lagu aims to be part of the solution by offering a whole line of eco-friendly beach essentials made out of fabric that repels sand, making it easier to keep the sand on the beach, where they belong. By using Lagu, beach-goers can help keep sand on the beach instead of clinging to towels where they are washed away in drainages of laundry machines, never to be returned to the beach. “Did you know…that an average beach-goer takes about 170g of sand away from the beach? That’s almost 3 handfuls of sand!”

Lick Iced Tea

Lick Iced Tea is the only locally made premium glass bottled ready-to-drink tea that combines the naturally zero-calorie Stevia plant extract, sugar and a blend of green and black tea extracts in 1 bottle! Making each bottle healthier by the grams & sweeter by the sip while retaining the natural tea color, taste and aroma! It's the same amount of sweetness--minus the calories!

Lick The Spoon

Lick The Spoon Gourmet Foods Inc. is a Philippine manufacturing company. We are dedicated to producing innovative, unique, delicious, and affordable bottled products. We aim to satisfy local and foreign consumers with our fish, fruits, milk, and vegetable-based products.


Liwayway creates proudly hand made art de la table and designs! a tribute to Filipino culture! Made in the Philippines!

Mama Cili Enterprise

Guaranteed fresh from our ponds. 100% home made. Organically grown. Help us sustain this livelihood for locals of Anda,Pangasinan

Mama Sita

Mama Sita’s® is a legacy that spans five generations of fine Filipino cooking. Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes, the woman who inspired the pioneering line of Filipino sauces and spice mixes, had a vision to bring Philippine flavours to the world. Mama Sita’s line of products reveal the impressive breadth and depth of Filipino cuisine. From the fiery Labuyo Hot Pepper Sauce to the all-natural vinegars and the mixes and sauces free of artificial colors and flavors, Mama Sita’s offers world-class products sure to impress any appetite. Mama Sita’s® has always believed in strict compliance to global food safety standards partnered with rich culinary heritage and adherence to natural ingredients.

Man on the Moon PH

Man on the Moon is a home-based, cold brew business that aims to softly introduce non-specialty coffee drinkers to cold brew. The cold brews are packed in 220ml bottles and come in four different flavors. OUR STORY Sid Cabatingan stepped into the coffee industry in August 2016. Having left his job at a big advertising agency, he joined the small team of baristas at YDG coffee. With a passion for concocting great coffee and an even stronger passion for sharing great things with the people around him, he built on the idea of introducing one of coffee’s strongest variants to the open market. He was determined to make this seed of an idea grow into something big and got his girlfriend (and now co- founder), Dan Aragon, on the same boat to work on the logo and branding. Together, they spent date nights in the kitchen, trying different batches of brews until they found the perfect brewing recipe to create what you now know as Man on the Moon. The inspiration behind the name came off from the couple’s fascination with the universe and heavenly bodies. It was inevitable for the two to connect the dots between taking that first sip of cold brew to how that burst of energy was out of this world. Man on the Moon, is simply from the figurative idea that our cold brew coffee can get you high enough for you to reach the moon.

Mandaues Nutricious

There is a strong link between scents and emotional memory. The smell of foods can evoke vivid and detailed emotional memories of the past and that's what you call nostalgic eating. Relive those childhood moments as you much on our deliciously healthy polvorons!"

Maynet's Homemade Products

Maynet’s Homemade Products is a Manufacturer of Gourmet Authentic Bicol Food Delicacies. It was established in May 2015, and officially registered in July 2016 as Sole Proprietorship, with 2 initial products, Gourmet Tuyo & Gourmet Tinapa. It was in the kitchen that first created our Gourmet Products with a twist of Bicol’s famous blend of spiciness and would soon become the basis for Maynet’s Homemade Products. Our Vision: To be known as the Manufacturer of the best Gourmet products made of Bicol indigenous food ingredients nationwide. Our Mission: To offer Authentic Gourmet Bicol Delicacies with highest quality and affordable prices, and continuously pursuing product development & improvement. Our Products: Currently, Maynet’s has 5 lines of products and soon to add more variants and new products. Gourmet Tuyo Gourmet Tinapa Laing (pork) Bicol Express (pork) Chili Paste Maynet’s Homemade Products are made of fresh organic ingredients. ALL NATURAL and guaranteed NO PRESERVATIVES added. All products are sourced locally using high and dependable quality ingredients. Although the recipe sounds very familiar and ingredients are locally available, it is comforting to know that in its predictable flavor, there are dependable twists in the mysterious blending of spiciness that will surely rock your world. All these products are passionately and skillfully prepared, assured that they passed the standard to obtain license from the Food and Drug Administration.. All those who have tried will testify that you will surely enjoy these authentic Bicol delicacies.

Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy is a line of natural, biodegradable, non-toxic home and personal care products with a primary goal of employing, training and educating at-risk (formerly abused, trafficked, out-of-school, impoverished) young adults. All products are made with safe ingredients that are not only good for your health, but for the planet too! Since the company started in 2007, all profits have been used to support HOUSE (Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises) Foundation's rehabilitation and education program for the company's beneficiaries. Messy Bessy is a unique company because it addresses the needs for a greener lifestyle and a cleaner environment that helps disadvantaged young adults rebuild their lives through education, job training and values formation. Facebook: messybessycleaners Instagram: @hellomessybessy Twitter: @hellomessybessy

Mr Choi Kitchen

Offering various Chinese delicacies!

Navarro's Foods Intl. , Inc.

Navarro Foods International Inc. is known for its Kapampangan delicacies such as Taba Ng Talangka, Fermented Shrimp in Rice ( Burong Hipon), Fermented Mudfish in Rice (Burong Dalag), Sauteed Shrimp Paste (Bagoong Alamang), Papaya Pickles (Acharang Papaya) and other Sweet Delicacies. Our products is a traditional specialty of Masantol, Pampanga made from crab meat and fat use as side dish or ingredient to seafood and pasta dishes such as pancit palabok, crab paste pasta, spaghetti and crab paste pasta that have served in the plates of Kapampngan for years. The Exotic yet delicious taste of its products have reached the plates of Filipinos here and abroad. Navarro's are producing quality standard safe products. We will be our customers' preferred choice . they will choose our products because we provide them quality products that exceed their expectations. We will constantly strive for excellence and strive even more to maintain the degree of consistency in quality.

Nipa Brew

WHAT IS NIPA BREW? “We here at Nipa Brew believe that life is too short for the usual. There’s an exciting world of flavor for you to discover, and you’ll never find the amazing things in store for you unless you go out of your comfort zone. So forget the boring. Do something new and go on a craft beer adventure with Nipa Brew!” We’re all for adventure, daring to find new flavours and new experiences both in life and in beer. We’re tired of the same day-in, day-out routine; the same beer our grandfathers have been drinking for decades. It’s time to breakaway from that tradition, and start our own. Life is about exploration, discovery and adventure, and we invite you to join us on this craft beer journey. THE ADVENTURE BEGINS We started our journey as brewers at home, experimenting with various flavors and ingredients. Then in September 2014, construction began on our Microbrewery in Makati City, Philippines. A few months later, in January 2015, we brewed our first beer using our 200L brewhouse system; and that beer was Tropic Haze. Not long after that, in March of 2015, Tropic Haze was made available to the public; and thus the adventure begins. THE AGE OF BEER EXPLORATION Our first ever venture into craft beer, Tropic Haze, was inspired by Philippine flavors, climates and sceneries. And then we thought, “Why not expand our craft beer styles to reflect different adventures suited to different people?” Shortly after that, we released Sun Stoked Blonde Ale for beach getaways and Midnight Blur Porter for the daring urbanites. Thousands of liters later, we’re still at it. Trying to make new flavor discoveries and share our craft beer adventures with people we meet. With all the changes in life, one thing is for sure: we will always develop beers that will appeal to the daring adventurer in you. Whether it’s sweet, bitter, hoppy, or unique, surprising, quirky, we’ll always be brewing for adventure: bringing you beers you never thought were possible.

Nolan Lucas Homemade Food Products

Offers home style sauces that are healthy, flavor rich and easy to prepare for busy home cooks. Uses plant ingredients which are organically grown and are processed once harvested to ensure freshness. Restaurant quality dishes can now be prepared at the comforts of your home.

Oh So Healthy!

Oh So Healthy! offers a fun and nutritious line of new snacking treats made from 100% real fruits. Each of our products is prepared using the most natural ingredients and without any frying or oil. Enjoy this all-natural and fresh new way of snacking on your favorite fruits.

Orange Country Enterprise

producer of Larry's Honey

Organic Alley

Brand Promise At Organic Alley, we are driven and committed to deliver the best of pure, all natural and organic products to you and family. Because we believe that every person should enjoy God’s blessings and Mother Nature’s gifts of chemical free beauty in a chemical free home. CORRIDOR OF HOPE Every purchase of Organic Alley product means you also send financial support to St. Luke’s Corridor of Hope, a cancer support group dedicated to helping cancer patients and survivors cope with their treatment requirements, treatment costs as well as the non-financial, emotional, psychological and even spiritual consequences of their condition. Beyond serving as a baston of hope, St. Luke’s Corridor of Hope is a venue for cancer patients, survivors and supporters to shine and stand strong.

Orich healthy Tropics

ABOUT US Orich International Trader’s Inc., or simply Orich, is a research and development, manufacturing and trading company specializing in the Food and Beverage industry producing quality products which are proudly Philippine made Established in 2003, Orich is a Filipino owned and operated Corporation belonging to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) with its founders and managing directors having experience for more than a decade, not only in food service and retail, but also in research and development, trading of goods and manufacturing. The company prides itself on innovative quality products and services, aiming to achieve total customer satisfaction through its complete customized solutions and quality products. Aside from our diverse selection of products, our highly creative research and development team are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and equipment to customize products for clients. Our company brand and logo stands for strength, intellect and continuity in the food and beverage industry represented by its founders and employees who are rich in knowledge and have the passion and determination to bring forth innovative quality products that are rich in flavor and rich in taste and that of which will make a difference in your life. MISSION To research, develop and design Food and Beverage products by using Filipino ingredients that exceed the consumers quality, value, performance and service expectations and sustain the highest standards in Food and Beverage manufacturing and client customer serving. VISION To be the preferred supplier of Food and Beverage of Filipino made products with the highest quality, best value for money and excellent customer service in the industry. VALUES Innovation & Creativity We think “Out of the Box” to create and deliver unique products that combine high quality, value for money and superior product performance for our clients.