Shopinas Stores

El Acompañado Enterprises

El Acompañado Enterprises is a business of artisanal goodness aiming to promote and give new skin to local produce especially coconut by-products. We have Lambarako (Lambanog ng mga Barako), Harmobyna (Harmony by Nature) Coconut Nectar & Coconut Sugar, and Basukà (Barakong Sukà) Coconut Vinegar. • Lambarako (Lambanog ng mga Barako): Bottled for the Brave Souls is a craft distilled liquor trying to preserve the lambanog’s unparalleled prominence by making every bottle a beyond tasteful native experience. It has a very clean-tasting spirit, rich intense punch and a hint of sweetness. Every bottle intends to give the utmost feeling and remarkable experience of a barako or “brave soul” with the unbreakable courage to love, courage to speak the truth, courage to stand for what is right, courage to step forth and face failure, courage to get up and pull all the broken pieces together and the courage to live life. Hence, it is incorporated with an important element of Philippine culture and history: Philippine brave souls who played outstanding role for the love and independence of every Filipino. The brave souls that are seen are: Lapu-lapu (Lambarakong lambarako), Andres Bonifacio (Medyo-lambarako) and Jose Rizal (Sweet Lambarako). • HARMOBYNA (Harmony by Nature) Coconut Nectar/Honey (syrup) and Coconut Sugar are made from the sap of the coconut tree, natural sweetener and healthier substitute for refined sugars. Every bottle encourages everyone to live a sweeter life and to find harmony in nature. Here are the benefits of COCONUT NECTAR and COCONUT SUGAR: * Pure and natural sweetener * Paleo-friendly * Vegan * Promotes healthy metabolism * Rich in essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) * Low glycemic index, less prone to cause blood sugar shoot ups (safe for Diabetic) * High source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which improve unbalanced nutrition and energy * Boosts immune system * Not chemically produced, no additives or preservatives

Endless Journey

Endless Journey by Jose T. Almonte

Figures of Beans

We’re bringing your favorite local coffee beans straight to your doorstep! We believe that there is more in coffee than just loads of caffeine. Through one cup of coffee, we experience being connected with others, the world and ourselves. We may be different in a lot of ways but there is one thing that unifies us all – it’s our love for coffee. Figures of Beans supports local farmers from the mountains of Cordillera, who put awesome skills and attention to growing great coffee. We recognize the role of these farmers in the process of producing the perfect cup of coffee.

First Harvest

First Harvest is a social enterprise aiming to bring back quality of life through homemade products. It employs partners from GK Enchanted Farm, and aims to enrich agricultural industries. By bridging the gap between consumers yearning for healthier products, and farmers who supply us with homegrown ingredients, we pave the way for sustainable farming communities. Each product is carefully handmade to breathe life back to our vibrant tradition of food preparation. We use real ingredients, and less sugars. At the same time, every bottle you consume is made free from artificial flavour, colouring, and whenever possible, preservatives. To us, good food always means two things – they are delicious, they are nutritious.

Gifts and Graces

Gifts and Graces is a non-profit organization social enterprise that champions livelihood products made by marginalized groups. Gifts and Graces works together with communities primarily through three key business solutions 1. Product development 2. Market access 3. Capability building on Enterprise management Products: Tarpaulin bags, directory tote bags, newspaper bags, canvass bags by urban poor women, soda can models by urban poor men, custom boxes by an entrepreneur-worker cooperative, candles by streetchildren, wood toys by persons with disabilities, assorted charms by special needs individuals among many others

Gold In Grass

Our goal is to give you a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. We achieve this providing products that : 1. deliver verifiable results 2. 100% natural 3. easy to use


Philippines is known as the veritable coconut paradise, as it was the lifeblood of most common Filipinos. Root to tip you can find many uses of coconut that is why it was well-known as “tree of life”. Seeing this opportunity to create different specialty coconut products and help many coconut farmers to uplift their lives through coconut industry, Green Life Coco Products was established in 2001 in Tayabas, Quezon Province. Later turned into a family corporation, from mother to father and their children working together to produce quality coconut products like Virgin Coconut Oil, VCO Massage Grade, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Jam, VCO Soap and developing more specialty products made out of coconut. Active involvement in seminars, training and workshops and associations directly engaged in coconut-processed products to help them acquire advance technology and information in making coconut products. They share this advocacy to other family who are coconut farmers and villagers so working together they can make success in coconut industry.

Gustazo Gourmet

Gustazo was established in 2008, focusing on Filipino Gourmet Delicacies in a bottle. It started as a family business by incorporators with expertise in Marketing and Culinary fields with a penchant for Gourmet food. Realizing its potential through gourmet events, the brand progressed from bottling in a small kitchen to a Food Processing Facility. Consequently, it expanded its product lines which all focused on seafood delights. Several years later, the brand has then grown to a range of seafood flavors in a bottle. The name Gustazo which is Spanish for “Great Pleasure” is committed to offering products with excellent taste and quality at an affordable price. It is now present in major supermarkets and specialty stores in the Philippines. With its commitment to quality and consistency of its products, Gustazo continues to grow together with your continuous support and patronage.

Habi Lifestyle

ABOUT: Habi Footwear promotes responsible living and Pinoy pride through socially- and environmentally-conscious fashion. COMPANY OVERVIEW: We are all about Responsible Fashion, Pinoy Pride, and Social Involvement. Walk with us to happy future! Introducing HABI FOOTWEAR, COMFORTABLE and SOCIALLY-FRIENDLY shoes woven with LOVE by the mothers of Kawan ni Sto. Nino Community and the craftsmen of Marikina.

Hiraya Chocolates

HIRAYA CHOCOLATES is a Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company that is an advocate of fair, sustainable, and socially-conscious practices. Our name comes from the ancient Filipino phrase “Hiraya Manawari,” which is loosely translated as a deep and sincere wish for the desires of your (or someone's) heart to be granted. The word HIRAYA is an ancient Filipino word which means "the fruit of one's hopes, dreams, and aspirations.” We are a Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company who sources cacao beans directly from local farmers to ensure that they earn more for their labor, securing them a better quality of life. We hope for the Philippines to be a major player in the global market by promoting locally-grown cacao beans made into quality bean-to-bar chocolate and chocolate products. We dream to uplift the lives of our cocoa farmers by fully committing to a fair and direct trade relationship. We aspire to become a chocolate company who showcases the best chocolate flavors from different cacao growing regions in the Philippines.

Hiraya Organika

Through our flagship brand, Natural Skincareselect, we offer products that are naturally tested and with clinically proven extracts to address specific skin care concerns of our clients. Hiraya Organika, Inc. is social enterprise that manufactures naturally formulated soaps and skincare products and employs people with disabilities and women.

Hybrid Social Solutions

Founded in 2010, Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. (HSSi) is an award-winning social enterprise that provides rural, off- grid communities and underserved remote on-grid communities in the Philippines with sustainable access to high- quality, affordable solar technologies aimed at spurring basic economic development. We have developed strong partnerships with technical innovators for high-quality solar products that are suited to our target market and also with community partners by means of our Solar Access Program (SAP).


Igting is a social enterprise owned and operated by the people’s organization - Maigting na Samahan ng mga Panlipunang Negosyante ng Towerville Inc. Igting started as a training and livelihood project of CAMP Asia in 2011. It eventually evolved into a people’s organization and a social enterprise in 2014. Igting serves as a venue for income generation and a sustainable social enterprise to empower the community members especially the mothers living in the marginalized resettlement area in Towerville, Bulacan. Facebook page: Instagram: Contact No.: 0915-721-7897


We are Dumaguete based online shop which offers a wide variety of Philippine postcards and everyday gifts.

Island Rose

Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) literally invented the Philippine cut flower industry when it started the first full scale rose production in 1983 and petitioned for pioneer status. Today, the industry has been joined by other growers and has been recognised as an independent contributor to the Philippine economy.

J. Emmanuel Pastries

J. Emmanuel Pastries: Pili Nut from Bicol to the World J. EMMANUEL PASTRIES, which started as a backyard scale pili nut producer in 1997, is now a small enterprise with an asset size of P 10 million. The company experienced increasing sales from 1997 to present due to its aggressive production and marketing strategies. Additional investments for modern production and packaging equipment and tools resulted to increased production capacity and ultimately led to new markets. The company has strictly complied with the government regulations particularly imposed by Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and the required bar coding by big retail establishments. MISSION to make pili nut a prime product of the Bicol Region that shall be known globally to create a wider base of consumers of pili nut products while keeping its distinct taste as a true Filipino delicacy to contribute to the economic, social and cultural upliftment of Bicol consistent with its proud heritage and history to promote the tourism and entrepreneurship programs of the government through the promotion of indigenous products that are marketable to both domestic and foreign tourists VISION We envision J. Emmanuel Pastries as the home of quality pili food delicacies and other Bicol products that are : of premium quality and aptly reflect Bicol taste, culture and heritage whose seal of excellence shall be known and promoted throughout the country and abroad nutritionally healthy and of world-class quality whose processing and packaging conform with international health and environmental standards And lastly, where food preparation and manufacturing are competently handled by a skilled local labor force, food technicians and a marketing staff who are justly compensated for their labor and thus contribute to their well-being as productive citizens and livelihood earners ——————————— With the relentless efforts of J. Emmanuel Pastries, the Pili Nut products are making their mark in the world market. Now we have the premium quality nuts, still made in the traditional Bicol way but with that much needed twist. The Bicol pili nuts have been enhanced and packaged in a very appealing fashion. The fusion of the old and new is evident in the products which bore the seal of excellence and appeals to both the local and the international clients. This in a nutshell is the pleasure and delight that we can get as we savor each Pili nut. Grab a packet and we promise you, you can’t just get enough! Not to be eclipsed by the pili nuts, we have other interesting products – the Sesame Balls, deliciously eaten straight from the packet and the Coconut Jam, slap it on the bread or serve it generously to compliment desserts. Yum! It feels like tasting your mom’s homemade sweeties. Interesting items for your breakfast or snack pantry!

Jacerilee Personalized Fashion Shoppe

Jacerilee Personalized Fashion Shoppe is designed and sewed by Capiznon. We promote personalized fashionable products made and designed uniquely that would suit your style with quality in a reasonable price.We offer fabric bags like shoulder bag, sling bag, clutches and purses some of which have native accent and artwork.

Jemel Kent's Mushroom

Jemel Kent's is a local agricultural enterprise involved in growing and manufacture of mushroom products. Its main vision is to become a recognized brand delivering not just products but customer experience. The company's mission is to influence consumers move into healthy eating habits by introducing healthy snacks to the market. The company partners with local communities in developing wholesome products and prioritizes use of environmentally friendly processes and materials. Passion. Patience. Customers. Community. Environment.

Jertie's Kitchen

Jertie's Kitchen is a home-based food specialty business who cares about your health and makes an effort to always deliver the tastiest treats without the added guilt. All of the products (pastries, sauces, savories) are gluten-free, and vegan. Most of the products are also soy-free, corn-free, and yeast-free. If there are certain ingredients, let us know. We can customize the products if alternatives are available. We host and teach health seminars and workshops on our plant-based lifestyle, plant-based cooking and green smoothies/juices. We also offer health and nutritional coaching to clients who needs the support to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Jertie's Kitchen is committed to a vegan and gluten-free lifestyle and our products will always reflect that lifestyle. Email us at Jertie's Kitchen is operated by: FORK AND GREENS FEAST FOODSERVICE


Company Overview JUSTFRUIT INC. is the first Freeze-dried Fruit manufacturer in the Philippines, with a newly operated facility in the south of the metro. The company was established to provide Filipinos with a healthy fruit snack that has nothing but Just Fruit. This is to cater a great demand for natural and healthy food products despite the numerous junk foods available everywhere. While keeping people healthy we also keep the economy healthy by supporting and sourcing from our local farmers. Our Products - Just Mango - Just Pineapple - Just Banana About our Product - Healthy freeze-dried fruit snacks - A good accompaniment to oats and cereals, and can be added in creating a granola or parfait - Can be added to whip cream and icing, or as flavoring and natural food coloring - Can be used in baking, and as a mix for desserts and ice cream - Can be pulverized and blend to create a smoothie - Can be mixed with honey and create a Jam out of it The Product Features - No additives - No added sugar - All nutrients retained - All natural - Pure fruit - Gluten free

Kaffea Coffee Blend with Coconut sugar

My Kaffea is the first coffee blend in the Philippines featuring the healthiest sweetener - Coconut Sugar and other essential ingredients.