Shopinas Stores

Altertrade Fair Trade Plus

Alter Trade Mascobado (generic name: muscovado) is a non-centrifugal sugar made from boiled sugarcane juice. Its "premium quality" sets Alter Trade Mascobado apart from the other muscovado in the market.. Fair Trade Organization facilitating better life opportunities to marginalized producers all over the Philippines. Company Vision: We envision an economic system that is socially just and ecologically sustainable built upon producers-consumer solidarity in self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-determining communities.

Bath and Buddy

Bath and Buddy offers pet shampoos and other grooming products.

Capitan Del Mar

Known as the “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, you can never go wrong in tasting any seafood deli conceived in the province of Capiz. Capitan del Mar, the flagship brand of Asia Pacific Aqua Marine, Inc. situated in the heart of Panitan Capiz brings you the finest Bangus (Milkfish) and Sardine canned products that are easy-open, delicious, and nutritious. We are relatively new in the market, but with the edge that could make a cut in the ever growing canned food industry. Make every bite extraordinary! See how we fare and have #thebestcannedseafood experience! Visit to know more.

Caritas Margins

Caritas Manila markets the products of its urban poor partners under the Caritas Margins label as well as paintings by inmates it supports under the Caritas Restorative Justice Program. This way, it helps its urban poor partners and families of prisoners augment their income and improve their quality of life. Proceeds from the sales of the Caritas Margins products also support the Caritas scholarship program, the Youth and Servant Leadership and Education Program. “Margins” was coined from “marginalized”, referring to groups who are neglected, deprived, ignored; in other words, the poor. The “Caritas Margins” label was registered with the Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPP) in year 2011. It is an offshoot of the Skills Training Program of Caritas Manila, which has conducted various trainings on crafting fashion accessories, production of herbal soaps, perfume, medicinal ointments and homecare products and food processing & commercial cooking for the benefit of its urban poor partners since year 2009. To date, a total of 32,937 urban poor partners have acquired livelihood skills from these trainings, which have been put to practical use in their products and services. Below is a non-exhaustive list of Caritas Margins products: 1. Paintings – Artworks by prisoners in the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. The artist inmates typically use acrylic or oil to express their creativity and imagination, depicting still life, nature and religious images. 2. Knotted Rosary –the knotted rosaries are intricately crafted also by inmates in the National Bilibid Prison. 3. Bakya and sandals – Made from dried water lilies abundant in the Laguna de Bay, these are handcrafted by women from Cupang, Muntinlupa City. 4. Bead Products – Made from beads in various designs, these bags, coin purse, wallets, pen holders and rosaries are produced by the urban poor partners trained by Caritas Manila through its Livelihood Program. 5. Bags –These are bags sewn by men and women from Tondo, Manila out of recycled denim, katsa, jute bags and tarpaulin. There are also bags and other items crafted from recycled papers by inmates in San Juan City jail. 6. Mr. Bean bear and other stuffed toys – Stuffed toys sewn from denim by men and women from Tondo, Manila 7. Home Care Products – products such as dishwashing liquid, hand soap and detergent powder are being manufactured by Caritas Youth Servant Leaders and other partners, under the supervision of a volunteer licensed chemist.

Chelcie's Spreads

Chelcie's Spreads sells homemade artisan spreads with variety of flavors of western, filipino and fruit butters that suits all class preference of people. All ingredients are fresh and natural without any preservative added.

Chili Chili Bang Bang

Chili Chili Bang Bang puts a tasty new twist to chili with our unique flavors that will leave your tastebuds crying out for more!

Coco Natura Nature's Finest Products

The Company Los Ricos Compania Corporation is a global trading company established in 2008, focused on providing the highest quality of products, promoting health and well being, and supporting fair trade practices for its producers and suppliers. What started out as a chance meeting between friends led to the discovery of this fantastic tasting sweetener being produced out of the southern islands in the Philippines. After some further studies, it was clear that coconut sugar had the potential to postitively change the lives of consumers from a health perspective as well as dramatically improve the livelihood of the farmers that produced it. All it needed was someone with the passion, commitment and resources to help bring the product to market. It was from this opportunity that Los Ricos Compania Corp was formed. Our Mission and Vision We are committed to supplying our customers with the finest food products produced in the Philippines. We strive to be a globally recognized company known for its world-class food selection, quality, and safety. Though our efforts, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our employees, farmers, and customers. Why Coco Natura? Not all coconut sugars are the same. Factors such as the variety of coconut tree, sap quality, and processing methods will impact taste, consistency, and even the glycemic index of the end product. Our coconut trees come from Southern Philippines, recognized by many in the industry for its high quality coconuts due to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. We are the original pioneers to perfect and commercialize the production of coconut sugar in the Philippines Unlike consolidators that buy from many smaller farms, each with varying quality controls in place, we own our coconut plantations and employ centralized processing to ensure consistent quality and food safety controls We test our sugar regularly using globally accredited testing labs We do not adulterate or blend our coconut sugar with additives or other sugars. Our sugar is made only from 100% freshly harvested, organically grown coconut sap

Comrade Leather Goods

Comrade Leather Goods was established one year ago due to the lack of leather camera strap sellers in the Philippines. The owners of the brand who are photographers have searched high and low for high-quality and reasonably priced leather camera straps in the Philippines and decided to make their own when they didn't find any. The brand is inspired by the craftsmanship of local artisans, the adventure anyone can find everyday, and the fact that the things we use everyday can go beyond being material and become part of who we are.

Daybreak Coffee

DAYBREAK aims to elevate Philippine coffee by packing them in single serve, disposable drip bags for easy, brewed coffee on the go. Experience the Philippines anytime, anywhere.

Dielles Apiary and Meadery Inc.

Dielle is a Philippine-based producer and supplier of high-quality Honey Wines. Our products range from traditional mead--for the more conventional connois


eHarvest Corp. is a company that produces Artisanal Tuyo, Gourmet Dulong, Artisanal Dulong, Gourmet Guinamos, Home-made Muesli, Kaong Products, Organic-farmed Lettuce, Arugula & select agricultural crops.

Figures of Beans

We’re bringing your favorite local coffee beans straight to your doorstep! We believe that there is more in coffee than just loads of caffeine. Through one cup of coffee, we experience being connected with others, the world and ourselves. We may be different in a lot of ways but there is one thing that unifies us all – it’s our love for coffee. Figures of Beans supports local farmers from the mountains of Cordillera, who put awesome skills and attention to growing great coffee. We recognize the role of these farmers in the process of producing the perfect cup of coffee.

First Harvest

First Harvest is a social enterprise aiming to bring back quality of life through homemade products. It employs partners from GK Enchanted Farm, and aims to enrich agricultural industries. By bridging the gap between consumers yearning for healthier products, and farmers who supply us with homegrown ingredients, we pave the way for sustainable farming communities. Each product is carefully handmade to breathe life back to our vibrant tradition of food preparation. We use real ingredients, and less sugars. At the same time, every bottle you consume is made free from artificial flavour, colouring, and whenever possible, preservatives. To us, good food always means two things – they are delicious, they are nutritious.

Gifts and Graces

Gifts and Graces is a non-profit organization social enterprise that champions livelihood products made by marginalized groups. Gifts and Graces works together with communities primarily through three key business solutions 1. Product development 2. Market access 3. Capability building on Enterprise management Products: Tarpaulin bags, directory tote bags, newspaper bags, canvass bags by urban poor women, soda can models by urban poor men, custom boxes by an entrepreneur-worker cooperative, candles by streetchildren, wood toys by persons with disabilities, assorted charms by special needs individuals among many others

Gustazo Gourmet

Gustazo was established in 2008, focusing on Filipino Gourmet Delicacies in a bottle. It started as a family business by incorporators with expertise in Marketing and Culinary fields with a penchant for Gourmet food. Realizing its potential through gourmet events, the brand progressed from bottling in a small kitchen to a Food Processing Facility. Consequently, it expanded its product lines which all focused on seafood delights. Several years later, the brand has then grown to a range of seafood flavors in a bottle. The name Gustazo which is Spanish for “Great Pleasure” is committed to offering products with excellent taste and quality at an affordable price. It is now present in major supermarkets and specialty stores in the Philippines. With its commitment to quality and consistency of its products, Gustazo continues to grow together with your continuous support and patronage.

Habi Lifestyle

ABOUT: Habi Footwear promotes responsible living and Pinoy pride through socially- and environmentally-conscious fashion. COMPANY OVERVIEW: We are all about Responsible Fashion, Pinoy Pride, and Social Involvement. Walk with us to happy future! Introducing HABI FOOTWEAR, COMFORTABLE and SOCIALLY-FRIENDLY shoes woven with LOVE by the mothers of Kawan ni Sto. Nino Community and the craftsmen of Marikina.

Hiraya Chocolates

HIRAYA CHOCOLATES is a Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company that is an advocate of fair, sustainable, and socially-conscious practices. Our name comes from the ancient Filipino phrase “Hiraya Manawari,” which is loosely translated as a deep and sincere wish for the desires of your (or someone's) heart to be granted. The word HIRAYA is an ancient Filipino word which means "the fruit of one's hopes, dreams, and aspirations.” We are a Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company who sources cacao beans directly from local farmers to ensure that they earn more for their labor, securing them a better quality of life. We hope for the Philippines to be a major player in the global market by promoting locally-grown cacao beans made into quality bean-to-bar chocolate and chocolate products. We dream to uplift the lives of our cocoa farmers by fully committing to a fair and direct trade relationship. We aspire to become a chocolate company who showcases the best chocolate flavors from different cacao growing regions in the Philippines.

Hiraya Organika

Through our flagship brand, Natural Skincareselect, we offer products that are naturally tested and with clinically proven extracts to address specific skin care concerns of our clients. Hiraya Organika, Inc. is social enterprise that manufactures naturally formulated soaps and skincare products and employs people with disabilities and women.

Hybrid Social Solutions

Founded in 2010, Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. (HSSi) is an award-winning social enterprise that provides rural, off- grid communities and underserved remote on-grid communities in the Philippines with sustainable access to high- quality, affordable solar technologies aimed at spurring basic economic development. We have developed strong partnerships with technical innovators for high-quality solar products that are suited to our target market and also with community partners by means of our Solar Access Program (SAP).

Island Rose

Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) literally invented the Philippine cut flower industry when it started the first full scale rose production in 1983 and petitioned for pioneer status. Today, the industry has been joined by other growers and has been recognised as an independent contributor to the Philippine economy.

Jacerilee Personalized Fashion Shoppe

Jacerilee Personalized Fashion Shoppe is designed and sewed by Capiznon. We promote personalized fashionable products made and designed uniquely that would suit your style with quality in a reasonable price.We offer fabric bags like shoulder bag, sling bag, clutches and purses some of which have native accent and artwork.