Sacred Sanitizers Bundle of 6


Sacred Cleanser Bundle of 6


Flourish Bundle


Sacred All-In-One Sanitizer


Sacred Zero Fragrance Sanitizer


Bamboo Swaddle


Solidus Alcolotion


Flourish Baby Bump Mask


Flourish Prebiotic Lotion


Sacred 7+ Cleanser


Sacred Newborn Cleanser


Sacred & Flourish

Born in early 2015. Read the Label Incorporated is the company behind Sacred & Flourish. It was established to educate consumers on how to properly read the label, and create cosmetic products that need to exist. As consumers, it’s easy to conclude that most cosmetics companies exist to give us what we want. However, since cosmetics are directly related to our health, we have chosen to work with the sincerest health experts and the most passionate chemists to develop innovation that humans truly need. And when you Read our labels, we’ll tell you exactly why you need it.