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    Born in early 2015. Read the Label Incorporated is the company behind Sacred & Flourish. It was established to educate consumers on how to properly read the label, and create cosmetic products that need to exist. As consumers, it’s easy to conclud...


FLOURISH BUNDLE: Prebiotic Lotion + Baby Bump Mask

Natural and clean ingredients
No nasties of any kind
Suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers
Honestly Soothing & Calming
Powerful antioxidant properties
Superior skin hydration and Long term nourishment
Cruelty free
Fragrance free

Flourish Prebiotic Lotion: 3 SUPERIOR ACTIVE INGREDIENTS
1. Delivers instant and long term deep skin hydration.
True Hydration power to all skin areas up to 72 hours in just 1 use, Binds moisture to the skin like a magnet and locks it in for deep hydration and long term nourishment, and Strengthens skin barrier function.
2. Colloidal Oatmeal – Powerful antioxidant that soothes redness and relieves skin irritation. Anti-aging and Reparative properties, Anti-irritant, Skin protectant
3. Aurafirm – Boosts skin cell repair and renewal. Gentle Exfoliation, Skin Firming, Skin Health –acts as a catalyst for microbiome recovery and enable good bacteria to thrive to improve skin health.

Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks
1. Firming
Instant tightening effect
Long term skin firming effect after several use
2. Hydrating
Deep hydration power to all skin areas
Excessively dry skin areas become instantly hydrated
Strengthens protective skin barrier
Skin feels more comfortable and looks healthier
3. Soothing
Instantly soothes & calms irritated skin
Boosts skin’s energy level when skin needs to recover
Youthful glowing complexion all day long

Open the tub, remove the dry sheet, Fill the tub with Flourish Baby Bump Mask solution up to the line area. Soak the dry sheet until all liquid is absorbed. Slowly open and smooth mask over clean and dry tummy. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Now relax and enjoy! Remove mask then gently massage remaining serum into the skin.

For best result, apply Flourish Prebiotic Lotion after.

1x 230ML Prebiotic Lotion
1x 1pouch Baby Bump Mask (4 sheets)