Sacred 7+ Cleanser

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  • Sacred & Flourish

    Born in early 2015. Read the Label Incorporated is the company behind Sacred & Flourish. It was established to educate consumers on how to properly read the label, and create cosmetic products that need to exist. As consumers, it’s easy to conclud...


Brand Story: As we continue to watch our babies grow and explore the things around them, they are inevitably exposed to bacteria, heat, pollution and other skin aggressors. Therefore, proper skin hydration and nourishment from an early age is a crucial step to having strong and healthy skin. That is why we created Sacred7+.

The simplest hydrating cleanser lovingly made for seven months and beyond.
Specially formulated to hydrate, clean, and detox the skin from damage and inflammation.
Very high in Antioxidant properties that soothe and relieve skin irritation.
Made with all natural plant-derived ingredients.
Dermatologist Tested Hypoallergenic.
Has absolutely ZERO fragrances, ZERO irritating acids, 
ZERO creepy chemicals such as parabens, preservatives, sulfates, and the likes. We Promise!

True hydration power to all skin areas
Excessively dry skin areas become instantly hydrated
Deep hydration for up to 72 hours
Strengthens skin barrier function
Suitable for leave-on and rinse-off
Skin feels more comfortable and looks healthier