Bambuhay Bamboo Faceshield

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  • Bambuhay

    Bambuhay is a multi-awarded social Enterprise focus in circular economy that innovate eco-friendly products to heal the planet from plastic pollution, deforestation and climate change and simultaneously empower marginalised communities of farmers.

  • Go Lokal

Made passionately by local bamboo farmers to protect you and your loveones.

For a very reasonable price you get a quality faceshield that is:
* Sustainable;
* Eco-Friendly;
* Full Face Protection;
* Lightweight;
* Easy to disinfect (with soap and water);
* Ultra-Clear; and a
* Fair Trade for Farmers; in a
* Minimalist Design

Choose between our two (2) options designed according to your comfort:

B1: Regular Bamboo Faceshield
B2: Bamboo Faceshield with Anti-slip Nose Holder