Bee Blessings - Artisan vinegar (Wildhoney) 250mL

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  • Capellan's Deli Food Products

    Capellan's Deli Food Products guarantees that its Bee Blessings wild honey is 100% pure and source from Palawan Philippines. This assurance is based on the product's distinctive aroma and taste, retained natural enzymes, and wide range of vitamins...

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It’s wonderful vinegar, acetic acid, just like regular vinegar, only that is made of wild honey and fruits. It’s not a common type of vinegar flavors, as you taste them it’s so delicious and healthy that can be excellent used to any salad dressing, meat or veggie marinated, pickling broth or sauce and many more.

We made this vinegar and it has to go through 3 steps till it gets vinegar: fermentation, inoculation with acetobacter and oxygen exposure.

The final vinegar production process takes between 18 months and 2 years for a single batch of vinegar.

The most popular these days is Cider Vinegar. An unfiltered cider vinegar is made from unfiltered organic cider. If you believe that drinking vinegar is good for your health, this is your product. It is a popular choice for dressings for fruit and vegetable salads, marinades, and for making chutneys.

!As a rule, pure vinegar should not be taken in large quantities.


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