Bee Blessings 100mL (100g) 100% Pure Raw Wild Honey (Unheated, Unpasteurized, Unfiltered)

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  • Capellan's Deli Food Products

    Capellan's Deli Food Products guarantees that its Bee Blessings wild honey is 100% pure and source from Palawan Philippines. This assurance is based on the product's distinctive aroma and taste, retained natural enzymes, and wide range of vitamins...

  • Go Lokal

Bee Blessings 100% pure raw wild honey are source in Palawan as the country's last frontier boasting the diverse flora and fauna where found the best quality of honey. This honey refers to the sweet substance produced by honeybees from the nectar of blossoms, there are two types of bee species of high commercial value locally known as "pukyutan" are sources of best honey in Palawan, e.g., Apis cerena and Apis mellifera, it also serves honey as food and medicine. One of the coolest aspects of wild honey is that all of them are different from each other, it has its own unique aroma, taste and color, with the efforts of honey gatherer finding honeycomb, they thank God for the blessings.

1. The taste of Bee Blessings and consistence may vary from year to year, and the aroma and the flavor can be more or less intense, depending on which bloomings are prevalent.
2. Our stocks are limited and seasonal and we cannot control the wild bee's production.
3. Do not feed wild honey to infants below 2 years old.

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#Strengthen the immune system
#Reduces Muscle Fatigue
#Soothes Coughs
#Beats Insomnia
#Good for Skin
#Reduces Weight
#Improves Digestion
#Provides Nutrients
#Reduce Ulcers
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