Gourmet Tuyo con Pimenton and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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    Lick The Spoon Gourmet Foods Inc. is a Philippine manufacturing company. We are dedicated to producing innovative, unique, delicious, and affordable bottled products. We aim to satisfy local and foreign consumers with our fish, fruits, milk, and...

  • Go Lokal

Cooked in olive oil with capers for a tangy-sour taste, garlic and chili for extra zing. Enjoy these salted and dried herring fillets with your favorite dishes.

Heat 4 fillets of DEEP DIPS Gourmet Tuyo con Pimenton with 2 Tbsp oil from the bottle. Add olives and tomato sauce. Toss in 500 grams cooked pasta. Serve with parmesan cheese and salt & pepper to taste.