7Grains Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps

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  • 7grains Pantry

    A healthy food substitution brand which sources and creates the best possible healthy food alternative that we regularly consume. All natural food products which are affordable and nutritious.

  • Go Lokal

Just the fruit. Nothing else added . Guilt-Free snack
Freeze dry tech retains at least 90% of fruit nutrients compared to other drying methods like dehydration or baking that loses 50% or more of its nutrients during heating process.

✓100% Real Fruit
✓Gluten Free
✓No Preservatives
✓High Fiber
✓Non GMO
✓100% Vegan
✓Good Source of Vitamin C
✓Loaded with Vitamin A for good eyesight and vision
✓Excellent source of Potassium
✓Chock-full of fiber that aids in digestion
✓Very rich in important antioxidants, flavaniods and dietary fiber