Tronix Ref Clock Saver / RCS

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RCS is an electronic device that can generate a low-power consumption for refrigerators and improve the on-off cycle for a smoother temperature regulation. The guaranteed savings is based on the preferred time setting of savings mode. This device can cut the refrigerator's power consumption to almost half than the usual monthly use. This device is also equipped with a power-on delay feature.

✓ Professional equipment specially designed to protect Refrigerators and Freezers
✓ Protection against POWER SURGE/Blackouts
✓ Generate a low-power consumption for refrigerators
✓ Equipped with a power-on delay feature
✓ Stabilizes the internal pressure of your refrigerator before turning on the unit or when restarting.
✓ Minimize frosting of refrigerator
✓ Developed and Manufactured by Filipino Engineers
✓ Input Voltage 200-260 VAC
✓ Max Loading Capacity 2.4 KVA/24 cu/ft
✓ Power on Delay: 5 Minutes
✓ Maximum Saving Mode : 12 HRS