Tronix Aircon Timer II / ACT-20 Version 2

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The Tronix ACT20 is an electronic device that saves energy and protects appliances from power surge caused by brownouts. Aircon units can be set to turn on from 1 to 9 hours or continuous on. It has a fan outlet that turns on the electric fan when the timer lapses. It is recommended for window-type airconditioners rated at 3HP and below.

✓ Now remote control operated
✓ Aircon units can be set from 1 to 9 hours or continuous (-)
✓ With buit-in fan outlet that automatically turns on the fan when the Aircon timer lapses
✓ Recommended for window type aircons rated upto 3 HP
✓ Power on delay feature lowers or stabilizes the compressor's pressure before restarting
✓ Power on delay that protects Aircon from Power surges
✓ Input Voltage 170-260 VAC Max Loading Capacity: 4 KVA Time delay: 4-6 mins
✓ Use any existing remote at home to adjust the timer
✓ One time setup
✓ Compatible to any remote such as TV Remote Control, DVD Remote, TV Plus Remote etc.
✓ REMOTE is not included