Natural Seasoning Steak Rub (100 grams)

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  • Kenzo and Kloe's Nature Farm


    We envision a sustainable food system for the future generations by practicing back to basics farming with Mother Nature as our teacher and guide…




Here at Kenzo and Kloe, we mixed our naturally grown coarse chilies with fried garlic and herbs from the farm to come up with this unique steak marinade. Use this to marinade your steak and enjoy a a delectable meal after. You can even try it with liempo and taste how it will amaze your taste buds. Make every meal enjoyable with the right marinade.

Ingredients: Dried cayenne

Net weight: 100 grams

100% Naturally Grown

- Support organically grown products

- Buy local products

No Chemicals or Pesticides

- Prepared carefully by a Mom fir her child

- Protect your Family against unknown substances, MSG, preservatives

- Provide a healthy diet and habit to your family

Metabolic-Booster / Detoxifies / Antioxidant

- The cayenne helps your metabolism so no matter how much you enjoy your you still burn

- Let the natural ingredients detoxify and be an antioxidant to your body

Prevents & Controls Heart Attack / Anti-Cancer