Nude Ripe Mango Smoothie

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Ride the heat all-year round with this refreshing treat!

Nude Ripe Mango Smoothie is uniquely made because of its smoothie texture coming from the sweetened and liquefied Nata de Coco. It is freshly produced from the natural fruit juice of locally grown carabao mangoes.
One serving of 200mL Ripe Mango-Nata Smoothie provides 55% RDA for vitamin C and 7% RDA for energy of adult reference man. The product contains dietary fiber from nata de coco, a cellulosic biomass developed from aerobic fermentation of coconut water. Fiber is recommended for prevention and management of constipation, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
Experience the sweetness of summer everyday with a bottle of Nude Ripe Mango Juice Smoothie. You can still enjoy your favorite mango fruit anytime, anywhere you want.