Just Mango

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    JUSTFRUIT INC. is the first Freeze-dried Fruit manufacturer in the Philippines, with a newly operated facility in the south of the metro. The company was established to provide Filipinos with a healthy fruit snack that has nothing but Just...

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About the Product
- Healthy freeze-dried fruit snacks
- A good accompaniment to oats and cereals, and can be added in creating granola or parfait
- Can be added to whip cream and icing, or as a flavoring and natural food coloring
- Can be used in baking, and as a mix for desserts and ice cream
- Can be pulverized and blend to create a smoothie
- Can be mixed with honey and create a Jam out of it

The Product Features
- No additives
- No added sugar
- All nutrients retained
- All-natural
- Pure fruit
- Gluten-free