Niwa M300 XL

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Niwa M300 XL


Ultra bright, extra large, long life LED light.
5 brightness settings: Ultra Bright, Extra Bright, High, Medium, Low.
USB port for safe mobile phone and gadget charging.
Durable solar PV panel for outdoor use.
Extra long lifetime and eco-friendly battery.
Heavy duty, dust and water protected plastic housing and a light shield diffuser.
Multi flex handle for portability, hanging, and directional use

Hours of Light After 1 Full Day of Charge:

Ultra Bright 300 lm 1.7 hours
Extra Bright 200 lm 2.5 hours
High: 100 lm 4 hours
Medium 50lm >8 Hours
Low 20lm >33 Hours

Solar Charging
An empty battery will fully charge after 1-1.5days in bright sunlight (6 am- 6 pm).

DC Charging
Charge the Multi 300 XL with a DC 5V 2mm small pin (thin Nokia) charger (not included)

Innovative 3.2V LiFePO4 battery

Solar Panel
2.0 Watt rugged polycrystalline long lifetime (10+ years) solar panel with highly durable dust and waterproof housing which can be roof mounted for security. Comes with secure strap plug and 3m USB cable to connect panel to a lamp

Warranty: 2 years