Sun King Home 120

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SK Home 120

Sun King Home 120 is a power package of 3 solar lamps. These lamps run on Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery that lasts as long as five years. On 1 dayʼs charge, each lamp is capable of yielding up to 200 lumens of light for 24 hours, bright enough to light-up the entire room and charge your mobile phone simultaneously. With smart features like ʻpower controlʼ and its rugged appearance, the Sun King Home 120 tops the list of the most preferred solar light products for a billion under-electrified consumers.

12 watt, 5.8 volt polycrystalline solar panel with aluminum frame and a 6 metre wire
3 Hanging Lamps with individual, wall mountable light switches
1200 mAh battery

Light For a day’s charge:

Turbo Mode: 200 Lumens 5 Hours
Normal Mode: 100 Lumens 10 hours
Low Power Mode: 40 Lumens 24 hours

Warranty: 2 Years