Sun King Pico

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Sun King Pico

The Pico provides up to 72 hours of high power light after a single day of charge. Ideal for studying, home lighting and safe movement after dark, the Pico’s portable, single-body design is easy for children to use and built to withstand many years of drops, splashes and rugged use. For off-grid families and school children, Pico means ultra-affordable solar power for a better future.

Power conservation: Battery Technology automatically switches the light to low-power mode when battery is running low.
Charge Indicator: The main white LED light blinks twice. Every 2 seconds, while charging. It blinks faster, once every 0.5 seconds, when fully charged.
Over Voltage Protection: The lamp automatically shuts off if the voltage fluctuates above 3.6V preventing the lamp from any damage.
Integrated Solar Panel: PET laminated Integrated solar panel makes for a compact and hassle free design, keeps lamp ever ready for any outdoor usage,


Solar Panel: Built into
Battery: Integrated 350 mW polycrystalline solar panel
5 year Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery

Max/Min hours
72 Hours after one full day of charging.
Active battery management automatically switches to low power when the battery is running low, giving user 5 hours of additional light.

Warranty: 2 Years