Box of 4 Apat na Traydor Hot Sauce

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  • Traydor Hot Sauce

    Traydor Hot Sauce
    Proprietors: Toogy Clavecilla, JC Medina

    As lovers of all things spicy, we noticed a dearth of options in the market for local hot sauces that go beyond the conventional flavors. Chili aficionados need exci...


Contains all the awesome Traydor flavors you can choose from:

JUDAS is the more traditional one because it's labuyo-based hot sauce in roasted garlic and tomatoes. This is the most flexible and you can put it on almost anything!

BRUTUS is labuyo-based hot sauce with green apples, lemongrass and cashew butter. This goes well with roasts and stews.

DAMASO is labuyo-based hot sauce with mango, pineapples, orange and rum. This goes well with barbecues and seafood.

MATA HARI is more flexible than you think. It's labuyo steeped in honey and you can drizzle it on pizza, cheese, barbecue or even ice cream or as a cocktail sweetener if you're feeling adventurous.

- Made with homegrown siling labuyo
- Proudly Made in the Philippines