Freeplay Sherpa Compact Spotlight

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Bright, compact, high-quality LED Flashlight with far-reaching beam.
Power crank and USB charging options.
Durable, shock-proof, and water resistant.
Choice of energy-saving and full-power settings.

Solar Panel:
A polycrystalline 3.6V 20mA solar panel with epoxy encapsulation under a polycarbonate lens is integrated into the radio. This serves to play the radio or to charge its batteries without having to wind.

Power Crank:
A glass-reinforced nylon handle with comfortable knob harnesses human energy by cranking. The handle is connected to the 3-phase alternator with nylon gears.

Power Crank AC alternator driven by the crank via a 2-stage transmission. 60-second crank: 90 minutes shine (low setting) 30 minutes shine (high setting) Adaptor Charging 4 hours: 100% capacity Via a standard USB cable.

Max/Min Hours:
Fully recharged battery:
11 hours shine(low setting)
5 hours shine (high setting)

Outer Casing:
UV-resistant plastic with thin rubber coating for a better, more comfortable grip.

Warranty: 6 months