N.C. Hernandez Food Products

For many years, Pinoy street food has become an important part of Filipino culture, shared as snack or meal by families and friends after school or work. A classic first pick for Pinoys is chicken isaw (intestine) or adidas (chicken feet), deliciously grilled and served with sweet chili vinegar sauce.

Inspired by these popular street foods many Pinoys grew up eating and love, I started N.C. Hernandez Food Products which specializes in the creation and production of novelty Filipino snacks: Pogs! Pinoy Street Food in a Pack. These tasty snacks are clean, crunchy and flavorful, all uniquely crafted to suit the local palate.

Pogs! Pinoy Street Food in a Pack snacks can be conveniently carried around anywhere, easily shared and great as pulutan too. You can also add Pogs! as instant garnish to jazz up Pinoy merienda classics like lugaw, goto, pansit, instant noodle and champurrado.
And for those who are looking for authentic Filipino pasalubongs for your loved ones at home or abroad, get our innovative Pogs! Pinoy Street Food in a Pack snacks.