PERTUA is a dynamic and innovative company established in 1988 to provide a scientific breakthrough in lubrication technology which offers numerous significant economic benefits and advantages.Its flagship invention , Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment is patented both in the U.S and in the Philippines. In the year 2000, more than a decade later, PERTUA’s portfolio of lubricant products continuous to evolve to meet the needs of the customers and distributors thus APEX EXELLO & other Pertua derivative products were born. PERTUA therefore, has spent more than two decades developing a
global reach, with millions of satisfied customers and both in the USA and Philppines. With its long established distribution method of retail and industrial marketing, PERTUA was able to penetrate not only the geographical borders of the Philippines, but also braved to market the product in the United States. While the company’s global presence continues to grow, PERTUA is actively localizing companies in various markets to meet the growing
demand in the different parts of the globe.


By 2040, a world-renowned Filipino company in the automotive industry.


To ensure the peak performance of machine through patented technology for our customers.


-We do our work with deep benevolence and care

-We do ordinary things extraordinarily

-We innovate for the betterment of society

-We are united in producing the best results

-We believe in the uniqueness of our products and its proven edge over others

-We take full responsibility of our actions and the quality of our products