Privacy Policy

This is version 1 of's Privacy Policy effective on July 21, 2010.

The privacy of our buyers and sellers is a priority at Please read the entirety of this Privacy Policy to learn the type and uses of information we collect and how we safeguard this information. This also presents scenarios in which we may disclose this information and to whom such information is disclosed.

Furthermore, you are encouraged to read this section regularly as some parts may require revision without prior advise. Should this be modified materially, it will be announced on the homepage or via email.

Should you have questions, clarifications or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, please email us at [email protected]

Information we collect
From Visitors
Anyone may visit and browse anonymously. In areas where you can post comments or suggestions, you acknowledge that we may record this information including the email address you indicated (when required) and IP address for purposes of understanding our customers better and improving our services.

From Members
You acknowledge and agree that may store/record the following information:
  • Personal and account information you provided during registration e.g. email address, username, country, address, birthday, etc.
  • In-site activities such as stores you visit, buyers and sellers you transact with, products you purchase, images you upload on your store/s
  • Pick up and delivery addresses for when an item is sold or purchased
  • Additional personal and business information and a copy of credentials you submitted to increase your reputation score
  • Your name (and email address) and concerns related when you call or email our customer support
NOTE:'s privacy settings let you choose the information you want to be shown on your profile page. Your username, country and date of registration will be shown at all times.

Uses of Information
We collect this information in order to provide superior service by:
  • Allowing us to communicate with you via email regarding on service updates. Should you wish to deactivate this feature, you can set your settings and choose do not send me.
  • Instantly informing you of transactional activities i.e. when you sell a product, an item, receive an inquiry, etc.
  • Instantly confirming your purchase of an item
  • Proactively identifying potential events that could compromise the integrity of your account
  • Modifying the User Agreement to best suit your changing needs and enforce it accordingly
  • Eliminating the need to rewrite previously entered information such as delivery/pick up address

Protection of your information
As we have emphasized, your privacy is a priority at enforces technical, administrative and personnel measures to protect your account from intentional or inadvertent misuse of your personal information, theft or unauthorized access of your account.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on any and all sections that require your personal information. With this and your SSL-enabled browsers, information you provide during the purchase is protected and remains confidential during transmission over the Internet.

You can help us by never sharing sensitive account information such as your password, password to the email address you use to log on and the information required to retrieve your password.

Integrity of your information has infrastructure in place to keep your information strictly confidential and accurate. As this information is provided by the member and as stipulated in SUA, you are responsible for updating your information whenever necessary.

Publicly available information
Some information you provide will be available to visitors and members such as:
  • Username you choose (NOT your email address)
  • Date of registration
  • Date of store creation
  • Store name and service description
  • Product details such as dimension, weight and pick up address
  • Contact person/s
  • Contact numbers
  • Product images
  • Prices of item
  • Information you intentionally or inadvertently provide on comments on the product/s.

Use of Information from
To ensure trouble-free transactions, it is encouraged that you communicate with members you are selling to or buying products from. During this communication, one may disclose information that was set as "private" to another member.

Disclosing Party
Disclosure of such information is the member's prerogative under the awareness, as stipulated in the SUA, that will not be held accountable for whatever may result from such disclosure.

Receiving Party
Members receiving such information agree that information will be used only and strictly for transactions relating to Under no circumstance will this information be shared with, distributed or sold to third parties.

Disclosure of Your Information
We may disclose personal information:
  • To comply with legal requirements
  • To Law enforcers in aid of a fully documented investigation or court procedure
  • In cases of content violation involving you either as the aggrieved party or offender
To continue experiencing superior service, we may also disclose your information to entities is establishing an alliance or joint venture with or when acquires or is acquired by another entity.

Like most websites, uses cookies---a string of information from the your computer and provided by your browser. This helps us improve our services and understand you better as it allows us to monitor and record the pages you visit and your duration on such pages and similar activities.

The community does not allow and practice spam. Messages you will receive from us will be regarding matters relating to your store in i.e. orders you initiated and confirmed / declined, enquiries from your customers.