Mabuhay! Welcome to Shopinas!

We are the coolest and happiest online marketplace for awesome and unique local finds. We have everything from food, health, fashion, beauty, accessories, toys, baby products and everything you can buy and shop to fill your happy place. We have a mix of everything Pinoy from the old to the new.

We aim to be the online marketplace of choice for all proudly Filipino products. That's why, we curate our marketplace with products that we want to be proud of as Filipinos.

We have local brands from different parts of the country which is amazing! We specifically handpick our merchants among a number of other existing businesses.

We aim to collect all the awesome Philippine knick knacks, souvenirs, pasalubong and specialty. So if you think you have a product worth the Philippine pride, come and join Shopinas.

Also with Shopinas, we can both accomplish amazing feats.

Support Small Businesses. You can help us raise awareness to small businesses and SMEs with great products.

Social Impact. Helping marginalized groups get jobs, that's just one of the things you can do. We have Social Enterprises that will amaze you with their advocacy and stories so make sure to check them out.

Eco-Friendly. Rest assured that everyday is Earth Day for us, we make sure that we practice reduce, reuse and recycle and have chemical free items. We have an environment-friendly atmosphere as you browse through.

Health Conscious. We have a number of options for Pinoys looking for healthy choices. We have minimally processed and organic items in our mall.

Guilt-Free Shopping. You are sure with the quality that our kababayans make. We have handcrafted, artisanal, handmade, organic and even gourmet finds all with their heartwarming story to tell.

We need your support and patronage to continue empowering these advocacies. With your help, we can really make it more fun in the Philippines!

Ultimately, we work hard to capture the stories of proudly Filipino products from how its made, who made it and what makes it interestingly Filipino.We want to tell the story of the Philippines and the hardworking entrepreneurs that strives to make the country proud.

Our Team
We embody the Philippine culture. Its past and future molds us.
Our company culture is filled with fun, diversity and passion. We are all 100% proud of our Filipino origin. We all aim to give back to our country by discovering new products everyday and share it to our MakaBUYans.

We fondly call our buyers “MakaBUYans”. We treat our merchants as partners.

We have a community of people who appreciate locally made products. To match, we have merchants that are eager to create more quality products that wants to help more Filipinos.

We want you to be part of our fun and active community. You can subscribe to us so you can get all the news, announcements, promos and discounts waiting for you. Make sure to register with us so you can start shopping and buying local.