Nut'n Else is the brand name of the famous Pampanga snack products:
Wow Mani (Crunchy Peanuts with Crispy Garlic Chips)
Carefully selected - fried to perfection for that savory nutty taste. Loaded with specially prepared crispy garlic thta makes it even more satisfying.

Wow Kasoy (Crunchy Cashew with Crispy Garlic Chips)
High grade cashew nuts - fried just right to bring out its distinct taste with the soft yet crunchy texture that everybody loves.

Wow Bawang (Crispy Garlic Chips)
Fried to a crisp golden brown using vegetable oil. Enjoy the health benefiits of natural garlic with its less bitter taste. Great to nibble on or serve as toppings with most foods like steaks, soups, noodles, rice, grilled dishes, and much more.