Lick Iced Tea - Sakura Blossom Flavored Iced Tea


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  • Lick Iced Tea

    Lick Iced Tea is the only locally made premium glass bottled ready-to-drink tea that combines the naturally zero-calorie Stevia plant extract, sugar and a blend of green and black tea extracts in 1 bottle! Making each bottle healthier by the grams...

  • Go Lokal

✓ Glass Bottled Flavored Iced Tea
✓ Sweetened Naturally with Sugar + Stevia
✓ Same amount of sweetness with less the calories
✓ 100% Green tea extract
✓ Contains Natural Antioxidants
✓ No Artificial Colors
✓ No Artificial Preservatives
✓ Gluten Free
✓ Made in the Philippines
✓ With Real Honey
✓ Sweet and soft Sakura blossom drink on green tea. A refreshing take on Japan's national flower.