Lick Iced Tea - Giant Apple Tea Flavored Iced Tea


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  • Lick Iced Tea

    Lick Iced Tea is the only locally made premium glass bottled ready-to-drink tea that combines the naturally zero-calorie Stevia plant extract, sugar and a blend of green and black tea extracts in 1 bottle! Making each bottle healthier by the grams...

  • Go Lokal

Lick Iced Tea is the newest and coolest ready-to-drink glass bottled tea beverage that harnesses the full-bodied tea flavor of green, the distinct aroma of black and the naturally low-calorie Stevia plant extract and sugar thus giving you a uniquely concocted iced tea beverage without the guilt. It's the same amount of sweetness minus the calories! Hurry and drink...'til the last drop!

Masterfully crafted with green and black tea extracts
Naturally sweetened with sugar and Stevia plant extract
Contains Natural Antioxidants
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Preservatives
Net Content: 380ml
Packaging: Glass bottle
Produced in a HACCP, ISO, GMP, and Halal Certified Facility