Just Pineapple bundle by 6's



Assorted Freeze Dried Chips (All Vari...

₱1,737.00 ₱1,930.00


Just Fruit Mix Bundle

₱432.00 ₱480.00


Assorted Freeze Dried Chips (MA,BA,PA)

₱846.00 ₱940.00


Just Coconut Bundle

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Just Dragon Fruit Bundle

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Just Banana bundle of 6's

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Just Mango bundle of 6's

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Just Fruit Mix


Just Coconut


Just Dragon Fruit


Just Banana


Just Pineapple


Just Mango



JUSTFRUIT INC. is the first Freeze-dried Fruit manufacturer in the Philippines, with a newly operated facility in the south of the metro. The company was established to provide Filipinos with a healthy fruit snack that has nothing but Just Fruit. This is to cater a great demand for natural and healthy food products despite the numerous junk foods available everywhere. While keeping people healthy we also keep the economy healthy by supporting and sourcing from our local farmers.

Our Products
- Just Mango
- Just Pineapple
- Just Banana
- Just Dragon Fruit
- Just Coconut
- Just Fruit Mix

About our Product
- Healthy freeze-dried fruit snacks
- A good accompaniment to oats and cereals, and can be added in creating a granola or parfait
- Can be added to whip cream and icing, or as flavoring and natural food coloring
- Can be used in baking, and as a mix for desserts and ice cream
- Can be pulverized and blend to create a smoothie
- Can be mixed with honey and create a Jam out of it

The Product Features
- No additives
- No added sugar
- All nutrients retained
- All natural
- Pure fruit
- Gluten free