Pogs! Tri-Combo 2 Snack (3x 32g or 3x 64g)

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    For many years, Pinoy street food has become an important part of Filipino culture, shared as snack or meal by families and friends after school or work. A classic first pick for Pinoys is chicken isaw (intestine) or adidas (chicken feet), delicio...

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Pogs! Tri-Combo 2 Snack (1x 64g Pogs! Samyang Style Fiery Boneless Chicken Feet + 1x 64g Pogs! Spicy Roadhouse Barbecue Smokin' Hot Isaw ni Chicken + 1x 64g Pogs! Salted Egg Crackling Salmon Fish Skin)

- Our chicken foot is deboned for easy munching of the whole crispy foot and tendon bits, cooked to a crunch and seasoned with Pogs! specialty flavors. Try the only snack that is high in collagen.
- Our chicken intestine is cut open, thoroughly cleaned, cooked to a crisp and sprinkled with Pogs! signature flavors. Get more energy with this protein-rich snack.
- Our salmon fish skin is crispy cooked and coated with Pogs! unique flavors. Satisfy your snack craving with healthy bites that are chock-full of Omega-3 fatty acids, low-carb and gluten-free.