Sun King Home 40z


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The Sun King Home 40Z is a premium product with 2 overhead lamps, 1 portable lamp and a USB charger for mobile phones and other devices. Each overhead lamp vividly lights up an entire room while the portable lamp allows flexibility of use. With a 3000mAh Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery, it has a runtime of up to 40 hours on a single day’s charge. The Sun
King Home 40z comes at an amazingly affordable price point, the price of a solar lantern!

4 Watt Solar Panel with a 6 meter cable
Sun King Home 40Z Control Panel
USB Mobile / Portable Lantern Charging Port with 6.5 meter solar cable
13 Meter Cable
2 Overhead Fixed lamps with Light Switched Embedded in the control Panel and 1 Portable Lantern

Phone Charger: Equipped with high energy storage capacity and a USB charging port
Hanging Lamps: Two 13M and 6M cable-length lamps with a control panel hub and light switches to control light intensity
Charge Meter: LED charging meter displays charging power from 1 to 5 to help place the solar panel properly
Day & Night Charging: Day or night charging works with nearly all phones. 3 most common adaptors included

Light From One Day's Charge
Overhead Lamps:
Turbo Mode 100 Lumens 4 Hours
Normal Mode 50 Lumens 8 Hours
Low Power Mode 10 Lumens 40 Hours

Portable Lamp:
Turbo Mode 50 Lumens 4 Hours
Normal Mode 25 Lumens 8 Hours
Low Power Mode 3 Lumens 72 Hours

Warranty: 2 years