Organic Coconut Spirit 375ml (set of 3)


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    Philippines is known as the veritable coconut paradise, as it was the lifeblood of most common Filipinos. Root to tip you can find many uses of coconut that is why it was well-known as “tree of life”. Seeing this opportunity to create different sp...

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Organic Coconut Spirit

Greenlife Organic Coconut Spirit is the first "ORGANIC" Coconut vodka also famously known in the Philippines as "Pure Lambanog". It is distilled several times to get the purest coconut vodka without methanol or chemicals added, that is why it is called ORGANIC Coconut Spirit. The raw materials are rich antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin B1 to improve our vision and eye health.

Organic Coconut Spirit contains potassium which is good for the health of your heart and helpful in reducing your blood pressure levels. It is contains riboflavin or Vitamin B2 has strong antioxidants helpful in fighting against free radicals. It also has vitamin B complex, along with iron that needs nutrients for the health of your nails and skin. Organic Coconut Spirit drinkers may get drunk but will not experience any hangover or headache, sometimes drinker will have a better and healthier brain condition after each drink. It helps the people to less suffer from stress, depression, mood disorders and other neurological issues.