Essencia® Lemongrass Drink with Vanilla 320 mL


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Product Highlights:
Slow food.
Functional food for the kidneys and liver.
No sugar. Zero calories
Vegan. Non-GMO

1. 100% natural
2. simple to use
3. effective. Confirm results via lab tests

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Detailed Product Description:
Providing them Orientin, Chlorogenic Acid, and Quercetin, that may help eliminate accumulations, such as:

high cholesterol (LDL)
high blood pressure
high blood sugar
high creatinine
high uric acid

Best practices
1) Drink your medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Add this to your diet . 15mL in 1 cup water 3x/day (empty stomach in the morning, right before lunch, right before dinner)
2) Initial lab test after 1 week
Confirmatory every after month
3) Give all your labtest results to your doctor and allow your doctor to be the one to decide which medicines to reduce or remove based on your consistent improvements.

Have a better quality of life!