Harmobyna Coconut Sugar


El Acompañado Enterprises

El Acompañado Enterprises is a business of artisanal goodness aiming to promote and give new skin to local produce especially coconut by-products.

We have Lambarako (Lambanog ng mga Barako), Harmobyna (Harmony by Nature) Coconut Nectar & Coconut Sugar, and Basukà (Barakong Sukà) Coconut Vinegar.

• Lambarako (Lambanog ng mga Barako): Bottled for the Brave Souls is a craft distilled liquor trying to preserve the lambanog’s unparalleled prominence by making every bottle a beyond tasteful native experience. It has a very clean-tasting spirit, rich intense punch and a hint of sweetness. Every bottle intends to give the utmost feeling and remarkable experience of a barako or “brave soul” with the unbreakable courage to love, courage to speak the truth, courage to stand for what is right, courage to step forth and face failure, courage to get up and pull all the broken pieces together and the courage to live life. Hence, it is incorporated with an important element of Philippine culture and history: Philippine brave souls who played outstanding role for the love and independence of every Filipino. The brave souls that are seen are: Lapu-lapu (Lambarakong lambarako), Andres Bonifacio (Medyo-lambarako) and Jose Rizal (Sweet Lambarako).

• HARMOBYNA (Harmony by Nature) Coconut Nectar/Honey (syrup) and Coconut Sugar are made from the sap of the coconut tree, natural sweetener and healthier substitute for refined sugars. Every bottle encourages everyone to live a sweeter life and to find harmony in nature.

Here are the benefits of COCONUT NECTAR and COCONUT SUGAR:

* Pure and natural sweetener
* Paleo-friendly
* Vegan
* Promotes healthy metabolism
* Rich in essential amino acids (building blocks of protein)
* Low glycemic index, less prone to cause blood sugar shoot ups (safe for Diabetic)
* High source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which improve unbalanced nutrition and energy
* Boosts immune system
* Not chemically produced, no additives or preservatives