Artisanal Tuyo

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    eHarvest Corp. is a company that produces Artisanal Tuyo, Gourmet Dulong, Artisanal Dulong, Gourmet Guinamos, Home-made Muesli, Kaong Products, Organic-farmed Lettuce, Arugula & select agricultural crops.

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Select premium dried herring handcrafted into fillet portions and blended with choice condiments. Serving suggestions: "Tuyo Pasta" (oil-based pasta with garlic & spices); "Tuyo Silog" (Garlic fried rice and egg for a perfect Pinoy breakfast comfort food), "Tuyo Sushi" (Tuyo fillet wrapped in 'Nori' with Japanese Rice as a meal or quick snack.

Ingredients: Dried Herring, Soya Oil, Vinegar and Spices;

Net weight: 240g; Shelf-life: 15 months from date of production