Y-nut! Roasted Pilinut with Garlic and Chili


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  • C.O.P Pili Sweets and Pastries

    C. O. P. Pili Sweets and Pastries is the maker of Wrapsody Pilinut-Filled Pastries and Y-Nut!

    Roasted Pili Nuts, a line of non-traditional pili nut products. These products are manufactured and packaged in the province of Albay in ...

  • Go Lokal

Y-Nut! Garlic with Chili was the company’s first roasted pili nut variant. It uses a fragrant blend of garlic and
local chilis, melded into one perfect bite. The soft and crisp texture of the pili nut is complemented by the
robustness of the garlic with the added depth from the chilis.