Wrapsody Pili-nut Filled Pasties


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  • C.O.P Pili Sweets and Pastries

    C. O. P. Pili Sweets and Pastries is the maker of Wrapsody Pilinut-Filled Pastries and Y-Nut!

    Roasted Pili Nuts, a line of non-traditional pili nut products. These products are manufactured and packaged in the province of Albay in ...

  • Go Lokal

Wrapsody Pili nut-Filled Pastries was the first-ever product that was created by the company. This concoction was
created to showcase the pili nuts’ versatility as it can be used to create something other than traditional candies or
sweets. This distinct treat of roasted pili nuts and sweet, sticky caramel sandwiched between its thin pastry layers gives
the perfect balance of crisp and chewy textures in one bite. While good on its own, it is recommended for this product to
be served lightly toasted with a side of coffee or ice cream.

Proudly from Daraga, Bicol