Wrist Strap in Coal


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  • Comrade Leather Goods

    Comrade Leather Goods was established one year ago due to the lack of leather camera strap sellers in the Philippines. The owners of the brand who are photographers have searched high and low for high-quality and reasonably priced leather camera s...


"The Wrist strap in Coal is the strap for fuss-free shooting without having to sacrifice function and design. It is made of pull up cow leather that's manufactured in the Philippines which has a subtle sheen to it. All camera straps are handmade by the Comrade Leather Goods team so no two pieces are the same.

Every order comes with a canvass pouch, ringkey and keychain thread.

Use with: entry-level dSLR's, rangefinders, mirrorless cameras, instant cameras, and point-and-shoot cameras.


Can hold up to 700g
Height: 7 in
Width: 0.5 in
Lug Protector Height: 2 in
Lug Protector Width: 1 in
Pad Height: 7 in
Pad Width: 1 in
Metal hardware: Silver

*This product is made of genuine leather and metal hardware which all react to humidity. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Cleaning can be done with a soft, dry cloth or leather cleaning products from leather care specialists. All marks seen on the leather are normal as they are results of the natural process it underwent to be created. Leather may change in color and texture and will become softer as it ages.

*Please take note that the color of the actual product may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos due to various reasons such as the tanning process which makes no two cow hides the same."