Coco Natura Nature's Finest Products

The Company

Los Ricos Compania Corporation is a global trading company established in 2008, focused on providing the highest quality of products, promoting health and well being, and supporting fair trade practices for its producers and suppliers.

What started out as a chance meeting between friends led to the discovery of this fantastic tasting sweetener being produced out of the southern islands in the Philippines. After some further studies, it was clear that coconut sugar had the potential to postitively change the lives of consumers from a health perspective as well as dramatically improve the livelihood of the farmers that produced it. All it needed was someone with the passion, commitment and resources to help bring the product to market. It was from this opportunity that Los Ricos Compania Corp was formed.

Our Mission and Vision

We are committed to supplying our customers with the finest food products produced in the Philippines.
We strive to be a globally recognized company known for its world-class food selection, quality, and safety.
Though our efforts, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our employees, farmers, and customers.
Why Coco Natura?

Not all coconut sugars are the same. Factors such as the variety of coconut tree, sap quality, and processing methods will impact taste, consistency, and even the glycemic index of the end product.
Our coconut trees come from Southern Philippines, recognized by many in the industry for its high quality coconuts due to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil.
We are the original pioneers to perfect and commercialize the production of coconut sugar in the Philippines
Unlike consolidators that buy from many smaller farms, each with varying quality controls in place, we own our coconut plantations and employ centralized processing to ensure consistent quality and food safety controls
We test our sugar regularly using globally accredited testing labs
We do not adulterate or blend our coconut sugar with additives or other sugars. Our sugar is made only from 100% freshly harvested, organically grown coconut sap