Crazy Giraffe


Juan Carabao


Art 24 Inc.

Art 24 Inc. is an established name in the home-decor industry in Angono, Rizal. For almost 10 years, we have been designing, producing, and exportinghigh-end products made from fiber-resin. Our pieces are carefully hand-painted by highly-skilled artisans and are enhanced with urethane varnish.

We stand by our tagline, "art meets craft" and it is our mission to ensure that each product we make is not just aesthetically pleasing but world-class quality as well. Furthermore, our designs are all exclusively created for Art 24 Inc. by renowned international and local artists. We supply to European importers who cater to art galleries and museum souvenir shops around the world. We also supply plush displays for a local clientele here in the Philippines.

Our relatively young team is composed of highly-skilled individuals that are both art-oriented and quality-focused. We encourage thinking out of the box and discovering the home market. We likewise believe in fair trade, proper payment, and long-term employment of our employees.

We are currently looking for strong international and local partners who are in need of our expertise either in developing decorative projects or in producing exclusive lines of art decor.