Sta. Barbara Gourmet

Sta. Barbara Gourmet is born out of the desire to promote the bounteous aquaculture and agriculture produce of Pangasinan. Being sandwiched by Dagupan, the home of the world's tastiest milkfish Bonuan Bangus and Urdaneta, the vegetable basket of Pangasinan, the freshness of our ingredients is highly guaranteed. This strategic location and the hand-reach sources provided the backdrop for our company.

The products were not the result of handed-down traditional recipes and cooking method but of long and meticulous study, as to taste and unique processing technique. Thus the bottled products are guaranteed of no artificial preservatives, no additives and no MSG yet captures the exquisite natural taste, flavor, and aroma with no aftertaste (for Chanos products). A rich and healthy choice for you and your family!

Our flagship products are Chanos Filipinas™️ Classic spineless milkfish in olive oil and Chanos Filipinas™️ Premium spineless milkfish in olive oil. These premium products are trademarked by Sta. Barbara Gourmet and widely considered as one of Pangasinan's best. Other bottled products include the original recipe Gommoso sun-dried squid in Muscovado Caramel Sauce and Zili Authentic Chili Sauce (Local Siling Labuyo). We have also frozen product, the Bangus Fish Roll (Lumpia) all prepared with no MSG and a lot of love.

We also have made-to-order specialty bread, all original recipes—Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Cheese Cake, Oatmeal Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes—guaranteed freshly baked goodness. For every purchase of any of our products, you support the sustainability of Pangasinan's produce and the livelihood in our community.

Let's patronize Filipinas-made products, support Shopinas!

Sta. Barbara Gourmet was granted License-To-Operate (LTO) by the Philippines Food and Drug Administration.