Chili Paste


Gourmet Tinapa (Smoked Fish)


Gourmet Tuyo (Dried Herring)


Maynet's Homemade Products

Maynet’s Homemade Products is a Manufacturer of Gourmet Authentic Bicol Food Delicacies. It was established in May 2015, and officially registered in July 2016 as Sole Proprietorship, with 2 initial products, Gourmet Tuyo & Gourmet Tinapa. It was in the kitchen that first created our Gourmet Products with a twist of Bicol’s famous blend of spiciness and would soon become the basis for Maynet’s Homemade Products.
Our Vision:
To be known as the Manufacturer of the best Gourmet products made of Bicol indigenous food ingredients nationwide.
Our Mission:
To offer Authentic Gourmet Bicol Delicacies with highest quality and affordable prices, and continuously pursuing product development & improvement.
Our Products:
Currently, Maynet’s has 5 lines of products and soon to add more variants and new products.

Gourmet Tuyo Gourmet Tinapa Laing (pork) Bicol Express (pork) Chili Paste

Maynet’s Homemade Products are made of fresh organic ingredients. ALL NATURAL and guaranteed NO PRESERVATIVES added. All products are sourced locally using high and dependable quality ingredients. Although the recipe sounds very familiar and ingredients are locally available, it is comforting to know that in its predictable flavor, there are dependable twists in the mysterious blending of spiciness that will surely rock your world. All these products are passionately and skillfully prepared, assured that they passed the standard to obtain license from the Food and Drug Administration.. All those who have tried will testify that you will surely enjoy these authentic Bicol delicacies.