Conde Highlands Farm

We’re passionate about mushrooms!
Our passion for the outdoors, nature and healthy food resulted in creating Conde Highlands; a farm dedicated to growing the highest quality mushrooms using natural practices and minimizing our impact on the environment. Grown in the mountainside of Condé, hence the name. You’ll come to love their rich, wholesome and earthy flavor. We are your local source for quality and organic oyster mushrooms. While we want to express the importance and benefits of having a healthy diet, we make sure we'll bring it from farm to table.

Our main products are made with fresh oyster mushrooms. You’ll come to love the rich, wholesome, and earthy flavor of our products.

We also have Oyster Mushroom Atsara, Oyster Mushroom Chargrilled Antipasto, Oyster Mushroom Crisps or Chicharon, Cacao Chocolate Tablets or Tablea, Pure Raw Honey from Batangas bee farm, etc