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iSisid: Waterproof Case for iPhone 4/4S iPod Touch 4G


The iPhone is so powerful and amazing. It can do things no other phone can do. It’s fast, beautiful and always there for you.


But there are things the iPhone is afraid of. Things that could cause its ultimate destruction!!! Water. (shudder.) Sand (oh no!) Mud (eew.) and ketchup. (whaaaaa!!!)


That was then. But this summer, brings you... the ultimate shield to protect your iPhone. iSisid. i-Ano? (What the what is iSisid?)


Sisid means “to go underwater” in Tagalog and iSisid is the iPhone case that lets you take your iPhone underwater without fear of destroying it.


With your iPhone in the iSisid case, you can confidently text, call, email, post, tweet, and like, even when ocean waves are crashing around you, or floodwaters are rising past your waist, or you’re just at the beach and sand is everywhere.


Now you can unleash the artistic power of your iPhone. Capture stunning underwater videos of fish, corals and your barkdada. Post a sirena shot for your Facebook profile. Wow your followers on Instagram with ‘stig underwater photos.


All because of your iPhone’s humble sidekick, the iSisid. Dive in, a whole new world is waiting for you.