In light of the declaration of Martial law in Mindanao, we would like to inform our clients to expect some delays in our service timelines in that area as we expect heightened security check-points and additional screening procedures for our deliveries and pick-ups.

Let us pray for all those affected by this situation.

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What is product variant

  • A variant is a specific item or group of items that form a product. Sub-variant is another product specification other than the main variant. For example, a t-shirt is a product. A variant that can be associated with t-shirt is color, hence red t-shirt, blue t-shirt, etc. A Red t-shirt may also come in various sizes. A sub-variant of a red t-shirt can be small, medium or large. Putting variant and sub-variant may vary from product to product. Key is to make sure your customers will easily understand the specifications you put on your products.