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Signing Up

  1. Click on Register at the right hand corner of the header.
  2. Make sure you fill in all the required information, especially the fields indicated by as asterisk (*).
  3. Click on Register to submit.
  4. Go the email address you registered and wait for the Shopinas activation email.
  5. Click the activation link in the Shopinas email to complete your registration.


How to Shop?


For NEW USERS, simply:

  1. REGISTER as a new shopper
  2. CHECK your activation email
  3. CLICK on the activation link in your confirmation email to begin shopping away!


  1. LOG IN
  2. CLICK on The Mall to look for stuff you want to buy or The Stores to browse Shopinas sellers


Safe Shopping


It’s secure. Your personal credit card and ATM information won’t be stored. Our encryption system keeps unauthorized users from viewing and accessing personal information.

It’s hassle-free. Forget over-the-counter payments. With Shopinas, simply pay through Bancnet ATMs, major credit cards, PayPal and soon, mobile phones.

No scam sellers. All our merchants are required to submit verifiable IDs and business documents to make sure you don’t get scammed by bogus sellers.

You’re notified by text.  An automated SMS lets you know when we delivered your order.

Shop anytime, anywhere. As long as you’re online, you can always browse and buy!



Returns and Disputes


Unhappy with your purchase?  

If the product you ordered is:
The wrong variant
Or if you ordered multiple items and one or more is missing

Simply contact us 7 days after you receive your order.

You can call.
    Customer Service: (02)879 4512
    9 AM – 6PM
    Mondays to Fridays.

You can email.
    - Send it to with your:
    - Order No.
    - Buyer’s complete name
    - Contact details
    - Delivery address
    - Digital photo of disputed product
    - Scanned copy of Airway Bill
    - Reasons for dispute

*We will reply to your email within 48 hours *  

How long before you get your replacement product?

  • The same Air21 delivery time line to your area will apply.
  • The availability of your replacement product.

If you simply want to exchange a product that’s not defective or the wrong variant, you can do so!

  • You’ll just need to shoulder the return-shipment fees.



Payment Options

Pay using what’s most convenient for you: your Bancnet ATM, credit card, PayPal or e-Gift Certificates available at Load Central outlets.



Security and Verification

Bye scammers and fly-by-nighters. Shopinas makes sure there’s an actual person or entity behind every Shopinas store by verifying the existence and legitimacy of all sellers.

Bye hackers. Buyers can rest easy that their credit card or bank account information is secure because our system doesn’t store your payment options other than the amount of your transaction.

Plus, we’ve got multiple security levels to keep prying eyes from intruding on your shopping experience.

In addition, our partnership with Bancnet and Banco De Oro ensures your payments are processed securely. Fees

Your shipping and handling fees depend on:

1.  The size of the product.
2.  Where you want it shipped.
3.  The cost of the insurance, which is 1% of the product price.

All fees are automatically computed when you check out.