Please be informed that there will be no Air21 pick-up and delivery services on the following dates:
October 31 2016, Monday
November 01 2016, Tuesday

We will resume pick-up and delivery on November 02 2016.

For any urgent concerns, you may call us at 0917-570-3828.
Happy Halloween!

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How do I register as a Shopinas Seller

  • To register as a seller, click the Register or Are you a Seller? button on the homepage.
  • You’ll be notified by email if you’ve successfully registered as a seller.
  • Click on the link to confirm your registration. Once your account has been confirmed, you can begin setting up your There are also required documents to be a seller. requires all sellers to submit any government issued ID  and a proof of TIN for their stores to be activated. Giving a higher level of security to shoppers, sellers may also submit (a) SEC/DTI Registration, (b) Business/Mayor’s Permit and (c) BIR Certification to be verified.
  • Both activated and verified sellers can already sell in The only difference is that verified sellers are searchable and viewable in Shopinas ‘The Mall’.